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Architectural highlights of Luxembourg’s South from the 17th century, the Bauhaus era, the immigration period up to the picturesque natural landscape: Pascal Zimmer knows all the numerous facets of the Minett. With his bright red Morgan 4/4 and in a tailor-made suit, the entrepreneur and owner of the Château de Clemency is known everywhere in the South. On a joyride to his favourite places in the #Esch2022 region, he reveals what makes the south of Luxembourg so special.

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What is special about the south region from your point of view?

Well, the special thing about the Minett is the influence of the steel industry in Luxembourg, which has had a major impact on the landscape. On the one hand there is the natural idyll, on the other hand you can still see the traces of the industrial past. It has also influenced the south of Luxembourg in cultural terms: in fact, it is a “melting pot” of many different nations coming together in this region.

What are your architectural highlights of the Minett that you have been actively involved in?

Of course, there are not only blast furnaces to see in the south. Architecturally, the south is very interesting: In Bettembourg there is the Bauhaus-inspired Celula building, which is used as a community living and co-working space with a gym and a restaurant, as well as the beautiful Art Nouveau Villa Jacquinot, located in the Jacquinot Park. In addition, the Italian Quarter in Dudelange, with its narrow streets, is an example of housing creation at the time of the immigration waves in Luxembourg. And not to be neglected: The Château de Clemency, built in 1634, which is a real eye-catcher with its Renaissance-style façade.


©copyright Emile Hengen
©copyright Emile Hengen

You are not only an entrepreneur, but also a castle owner. How can one imagine being the owner of a castle?

I bought the Château de Clemency about 20 years ago and renovated it, or rather “pimped” it, so that today it is a guesthouse that welcomes tourists from all over the world. Guests can stay here in themed rooms – such as the “Roaring Twenties Room”, which is designed like a journey back in time to the dazzling 1920s, or the “Minett Room”, which is a tribute to the miners of the southern part of Luxembourg. Alain Welter just recently designed a graffiti for the wall of the room! The idea is not to have a classic hotel, but to have a communal stay where guests can meet and exchange ideas.

What kind of atmosphere can guests experience in the south of Luxembourg and what does Esch2022 mean for you and the region?

What’s unique about the culture in the south of Luxembourg is the cultural diversity and the community spirit, the hospitality and the feeling of being in good hands – that’s what defines the Minett region. Being European Capital of Culture is a great opportunity for my region, which will get more attention all over Europe. I hope that many people want to come here to visit Esch2022, but especially to spend time together with us “Minettsdäpp”.