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Anne Faber is cooking for Esch2022! The Luxembourg native is known for reinventing traditional Luxembourg cuisine through her books and TV series “Anne’s Kitchen”. The food journalist and chef who has her very own cooking show on RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg creates recipes that pay tribute to the remix of flavours and cultures in the south of Luxembourg: For us, she has created a very special recipe: Luxembourgish Wäinzoossiss on Italian polenta with a parsley-lemon gremolata. During our interview, she reveals her favourite culinary spots in the Esch2022 region and gives us a taste of the south.

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What is it about Luxembourg cuisine that makes it so special? And what is your favourite dish?

Luxembourgish cuisine is a hearty cuisine. We enjoy serving large portions with lots of cream and butter, and we also like a good glass of wine to go with it. The dishes are often quite simple, reflecting the country’s rural and industrial past.

My absolute favourite dish is Gromperekichelcher (Luxembourgish potato pancakes) with some delicious Wäinzoossiss (traditional Luxembourgish sauce prepared with white wine)!

Where did you get the inspiration for your Esch2022 recipe?

Historically, the south of Luxembourg is home to many Portuguese and Italian people. This gave me the idea of creating a dish with a Luxembourgish-Italian twist: Luxembourgish Wäinzoossiss on an Italian polenta with a parsley and lemon gremolata. I would therefore describe the taste of Esch2022 as a multicultural culinary explosion that brings together a whole lot of different things!

©copyright Esch2022
©copyright Esch2022

What are your favourite culinary spots in the Esch2022 region?

The café “Bei der Giedel” in Fond-de-Gras is a great place to eat – from the Bouchée à la Reine (Queen’s pie) to Judd mat Gaardebounen (Luxembourg’s national dish: ham with beans). You can enjoy a tasty meal on the beautiful terrace or indoors in a cosy, traditional atmosphere. Another favourite place of mine is the Café Librairie Diderich. Here you can drink first-class coffee that is roasted right next door at Babbo Caffè!

What does Esch2022 mean to you?

Esch2022 is a fantastic opportunity. Many visitors from all over the world will be coming here and they will hopefully enjoy the Luxembourgish cuisine! It’s also a great opportunity for young chefs and restaurants to dare to bring their innovative concepts to life.


Have a look at Anne Faber’s Esch2022 recipe with instructions and amounts: Wäinzoossiss Polenta with Parsley Gremolata