An explorer of our region:

Join Viki Gomez on his ride through the "Minett" under the motto "Flatland on Red Earth"

Ride with the 6-time world champion and BMX Flatland legend through the most breathtaking places in the “Minett” and discover that it’s no coincidence that he chose to be an ambassador for Esch2022.

Join him on a non-stop journey between history, culture and nature to find out how a sport became a lifestyle.

© Rutger Pauw

What do you expect from #Esch2022?

I expect from Esch2022 to create more awareness of how a sport can become a lifestyle in combination with culture. For me BMX Flatland is more than a sport, it is all about fashion, music and the philosophy of creativity in accordance with the slogan of Esch2022 “Remix Yourself”. This is why it is the perfect platform for me to spread this message to all those who are a part of Esch2022.

What are the best locations for BMX Flatland in the south of Luxembourg?

It is not easy to find “THE” best place due to the big diversity of the region but places that I really love are the district of Belval in the city of Esch-Alzette due to its mixture of modern lifestyle and industrial past, the skatepark in Rumelange called Joypark considered that it’s located in the middle of nature and right next to an old iron ore mine, Villerupt, inside and outside the newly constructed “L’Arche” which is a brand new cultural centre that is part of the CCPHVA in France and finally what once was the beating heart of the Esch2022 region: the remainings of the old iron and steel industry site of Arcelormittal in Schifflange. It is not a coincidence that I chose these spots for a shooting in the framework of Esch2022. Filming in these locations was such a nice and EPIC adventure! I would love to return to those spots for a riding session.

© Rutger Pauw
© Rutger Pauw

What is special about the south of Luxembourg?

Everything! But what really makes it special for me is that I’m always discovering or rediscovering new and old places in the heart of nature or in urban areas that cherish the history and the culture of the south just like all the different events taking place over the entire year for all ages. The year 2022 makes it even more special for me because I can be part of “Esch2022 – European Capital of Culture” which represents the south of Luxembourg and the neighbouring cities in France that are part of the CCPHVA. And this is great for creating original projects.

What are your favourite places in the south of Luxembourg?

It’s quite impossible to have one favourite place! But like I mentioned before, the diversity of the region and the people who are part of it makes the south of Luxembourg my favourite remixed place.