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Esch2022 projects and events due to return in 2023

During the title year of the European Capital of Culture title, many projects and events were launched, while others took advantage of the title year to grow.  If you missed some of them in 2022, you will get another opportunity! Here is a small – but not exhaustive – selection of projects that are coming back in 2023:

Dudelange (L), Kaunas (LT), Novi Sad (RS)
Three-way collaboration with jazz artists from Lithuania, Serbia and Luxembourg

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Dudelange (L)
Festival created in collaboration with the Municipality of Dudelange, De Gudde Wëllen, Esch2022 and Den Atelier featuring local artists.

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Nuits de la Culture
Esch-Alzette (L)
Cultural festival in five different districts, with the support of various associations, institutions and other active forces in Esch-sur-Alzette.

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Esch-Alzette (L)
Francophone music festival with local and international bands.

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LiteraTour : Remix your story
Bettembourg (L)
Literature in all its European nuances and dimensions.

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Au Goût du Terroir
Käerjeng (L)
A market that celebrates quality regional products.

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Kayl/Tétange (L) & Rumelange (L)
The “Landscapes” project combines several disciplines and invites you to discover the nature protected areas “Léiffrächen” and “Hutbierg” in different ways with art installations and performances. Remains of the original project: sculptures by Serge Ecker.

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Den neie Mineur
Kayl/Tétange (L)
Memory work in the form of a comic strip.

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MUAR – Kayl/Tétange (L)
MUAR – The Museum vun der Aarbecht is the first labour museum in Luxembourg.

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ECO-DESIGN – Le Village Pop-Up
Mondercange (L)
A village with a range of events around the themes of design, sustainability, agriculture and permaculture.

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Péitenger Wandjang
Pétange (L)
The famous Pétange Cavalcade has strengthened its European links.

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Sanem (L)
The Pavillon Source Bel-Val is a cultural space and a meeting place.

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D’So vum Marxeweier
Schifflange (L)
Rediscovery of a lost tale around the theme of water in Schifflange. Book and sculptures.

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Rumelange (L)
It focuses on experimental and immersive process-based cultural and artistic practices as well as creative tourism.

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La Jungle – Collaborations brutes
New projects are on the horizon for “La Jungle” and the IME in Aumetz.

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Escape Room SDG 12 – Responsible Production and Consumption
Differdange (Science Center)
An escape game on the theme of sustainable development created in the framework of the Respire exhibition.

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Esch-Belval (L)
Accessible via the digital exhibition Minett stories

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And many more to come…


And also…

The following is a non-exhaustive list of materials created by Esch2022 projects.

Graphic novels:

  • LiteraTourDe Ris geet op d’Rees
  • Den neie MineurSchortgen
  • RED RED project and its dragon made the Esch2022 territory blush
  • Nuit de la CultureThe story of Barbara
  • La Jungle – Collaborations brutes


Books, catalogues and publications:

  • Red Luxembourg (Catalogue) – Focus on new ways of thinking about collective, affordable, and ecological housing.
  • Nuit de la Culture (Books) – Neighbourhoods, associations, institutions, other driving forces from Esch-Alzette. Publication “Before the After” and “C’est quand on s’aime qu’on récolte…”
  • Qui cherche la paix (Catalogue) Musée national de la Résistance. Publication « Idea of Peace »
  • L’HEURE BLEUE (Catalogue) – Let us experience that famous blue hour, when the sky is an electric blue and silence reigns. Publication to be revealed in 2023
  • Esch-Mars (Publication)- Reflection on the foundations of living together in a new society.
  • REMIX PLACE (Publication) – About attachment to places in cross-border areas.
  • GOOD GIRLS (Publication) – By Larisa Faber, presented in partnership with the association Planning Familial. Publication “Good Girls, Stories about abortions & no regrets”
  • Héichkultur amplaz Héichuewen (Journal) – The story of the reinvention of southern Luxembourg through happenings, newspapers, posters, short films and plays.
  • Walk on the Minett TrailPublication about the Minett Trail to come in 2023
  • My Echo, My Shadow and Me (Catalogue) – An art and social project about the influence of digital culture and technological tools as a method of investigation
  • Hacking Identity – Dancing Diversity (Catalogue) – Exhibition with ZKM | Center for Art and Media
  • Earthbound – In Dialogue with Nature (Catalogue) – Exhibition with HEK | House of electronic Arts Basel
  • IN TRANSFER – A New Condition (Catalogue) – Exhibition with Ars Electronica
  • Pure Europe (Catalogue) – Exhibition on Europe and its various perspectives
  • BLOOM (Journal) – Between the memory of the historic steel industry and the impact it has had on Esch-Alzette and the contemporary evolution, the future of the town.
  • Paysages du Fer (Book) – An illustrated book on the Franco-Luxembourg cross-border mining basin of the Minette which will be published in 2023
  • 1001 Tonnen (Catalogue) – 1001 Tonnes: That is the amount of litter generated in Luxembourg per year.
  • Auguste Trémont – Auguste Trémont in 2022
  • H – The Notion of Humanist (Publications) Photography
  • D’So vum Marxeweier (Book)


Film and documentaries:

  • La Grande Marche – Analogue and interactive exploration of a sub-area of Europe between Aubange (B) and Schengen
  • A Colônia Luxemburguesa – Transmedia project exploring the links between Brazil and Luxembourg through their shared steelmaking past.
  • L’Usine secrète – The documentary takes a look at the reality of factory and mine work over the last 50 years in two linked areas, the Terres Rouges of Luxembourg and the north of Lorraine, the so-called “iron” region.
  • Um Ball – 50 Joer Fraefussball zu Lëtzebuerg – Discover the history of women’s football in Luxembourg through a documentary in six chapters.
  • L’arrivée de la Jeunesse – Docu-fiction tracing Italian migration to Luxembourg from 1900 to the present day, several screenings in Italy in 2022 and planned in 2023, e.g. in collaboration with the Luxembourgish embassy in Rome ; coffee-table book illustrating the main spots
  • Frontaliers. Des vies en stéréo. An immersive journey across the border, a collage of the contrasting living conditions in the border region of France and Luxembourg. Film documentary: Il était une fois dans l’Est”
  • Cecilia Bengolea – Deary Steel – New work by artist Cecilia Bengolea linking the ruins of the Blast Furnace C in Esch-Belval and the Great Hall of the Mudam in Luxembourg


Audiowalks and sound installations:

  • ((( CDLR-76 ))) – Mysterious sound and radio wave manifestations at an outdoor site.
  • Wou d’Uelzecht… – Sound, history and music walk along the Alzette
  • E roude Fuedem duerch de roude Buedem – 6 SOEN, 6 WEEËR, 6 GEMENGEN (6 legends, 6 trails, 6 municipalities)
  • NIGHTSONGS – The sounds of the territory broadcast as part of a geo-located night-time sound trail via mobile application in Belval, an immersive sound installation in the Bridderhaus
  • In the Field – Literary and musical saga composed of stories which take place outdoors, in direct connection with the landscape that surrounds us.
  • Desire Lines
  • Walking, listening and recomposing everyday sounds of EschExperiencing the sound of the city



  • Synaesthesia A synesthetic immersive experience combining jazz (Reis Demuth Wiltgen trio) and visual art (Emile V. Schlesser).
  • Future Frequencies – The Sound of Esch2022 created by young artists
  • Live, Breathe and Sleep Guitars
  • 7SÓIS LUSO MED ESCH ORKESTRA – New CD available soon
  • La Jungle – Collaborations brutes – Vinyl with music pieces created in the framework of Esch2022