Rumelange, municipality of the month – from 22 October to 21 November 2022

House of the sculptor Albert Hames © City of Rumelange

A city where authenticity rhymes with collaborative innovation

Spotlight on the projects of Rumelange, ‘Municipality of the Month’ from 22 October to 21 November 2022.

Located on the French border, the Luxembourgian town of Rumelange was entirely dedicated to mining until operations were shut down in 1978. To keep pace with recent developments, the municipality has launched a major societal project through which it aims to meet the new challenges it faces. While fully embracing its past, this modern, open and dynamic city is resolutely turned towards the future. Two exceptional venues symbolise this dual approach: the National Mining Museum and the Albert Hames site.

The National Mining Museum lets visitors make a first-hand experience of the mining galleries. It was founded in 1973 by a group of former miners to commemorate mining in southern Luxembourg, document iron ore production and promote tourism in the region. Visitors can enter the old galleries aboard a mine car, explore the less accessible galleries on foot and discover the excavation techniques of the time. For more information on the museum and how to book gallery visits, please go to http://www.mnm.lu.

The houses and the studio of the Luxembourgian sculptor Albert Hames (1910–1989), acquired by the City of Rumelange in 2018, are the subject of a major redevelopment based on creative tourism. The home of the late artist (house number 16A) and his studio will open to the public in 2022, while the other houses will be transformed into guest rooms to be completed after 2022. In connection with the launch of the Albert Hames site, the project Rëm.xx, which takes place within the framework of Esch2022, will engage with three realms of action through partly interconnected projects: people (Rëm.People), heritage (Rëm.Heritage) and art (Rëm.Art). The future Albert Hames site, which will function as a round-the-year tourist accommodation, is characterised by a unique multifunctional approach, both as concerns the spatial arrangement and the programme of events it will host. Artist residencies and contemporary artistic creation will be at the heart of this immersive tourist experience.

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