Differdange, municipality of the month – from 22 September to 21 October 2022

Light it up blue ©Claude Piscitelli

Spotlight on the projects of Differdange, ‘Municipality of the Month’ from 22 September to 21 October 2022.

To ensure maximum visibility for the 19 municipalities of the Esch2022 territory, we will turn the spotlight on one municipality each month of 2022. From 22 September to October 21, 2022, the focus will lie on the projects of Differdange (though the municipality will of course be just as active for the rest of the year).

Thanks to the TERRE FERME project, visitors will be able to (re)discover Lommelshaff, a 1900 farmhouse located in the heart of Differdange, which was saved from destruction and listed as a national monument in April 2018 in view of its historical and architectural relevance. Transformed into a multifunctional cultural venue thanks to a participatory community process, the redeveloped historic farm will host cooking, gardening and other workshops as well as a theatrical docufiction based on the experiences of Differdange citizens.

The project ‘DiffMix’ will demarcate unique spaces in Differdange to create experiences with citizens helped by artists – designers, architects, etc. – from all over Europe, who will concive installations and events to steer this process of co-creation.

How to make accessibility more inspiring, or even ‘trendy’? This is the goal of the project ‘Pimp my Accessibility’, in which artists from different backgrounds will be commissioned to create works on and around existing accessibility measures (ramps, platforms, paths). Their artworks can be ‘crossed’ by the general public (while at the same time retaining the functionality of the equipment). This project also aims to demonstrate that accessibility measures are not destined exclusively to wheelchair users and that it is possible, or even advisable, to combine utility with aesthetics.

On the outskirts of the city, an access to mining galleries has recently been rediscovered in the Renkert Mine, which was shut before the Second World War. Spectators will be able to visit these inaccessible and hazardous galleries thanks to VR technology and experimental tourism. By entering a ‘mobile box’ that can be transported from one point to another in the city, visitors will enjoy an immersive experience of the galleries. After travelling to different places in Differdange, the ‘mobile box’ will be installed more permanently at Eugène Pesch Museum in Lasauvage.

Find more information about Differdange here.