“There are more than 100 nationalities in Schifflange…”

Interview with Paul Weimerskirch, mayor of Schifflange

Can you describe your town?
PAUL WEIMERSKIRCH: In 2025, Schifflange will be 75 years old! Its population has grown enormously and the municipality is beginning to reach its development limits. There are more than 100 nationalities here, as well as many families and many organisations… It is anything but a dormitory town.

What is your vision for Schifflange between now and 2030?
We have invited the population to express themselves on what the town’s weaker and stronger points are in order to develop its infrastructure as well as its leisure and cultural offer according to need. We are also developing a master plan to renew our elementary schools. As a signatory of the Climate Pact we are already very committed to environmental issues and continue to deepen our initiatives in the field of sustainability, resource efficiency and climate neutrality. We also encourage young people – who are not politically engaged – to boost our environmental activities through our ‘climate team’ in the municipality.

What are your three highlights from the Esch2022 programme?

  1. FerroForum

Created to preserve and promote iron and steel heritage, “FerroForum” is located in the former Arbed steel factory in Esch-Schifflange.

  1. In the Field

A series of audio episodes, accessible on the GOH mobile application and evolving according to the listener’s wanderings. Each episode is created by a duo of artists, in connection with the territory where it is then broadcast.

09 & 10.08

  1. D’So vum Marxeweier

Inspired by a traditional tale about the town, this project highlights nature and offer sculptures, literature and music focused on the theme of water to be experienced during a walking trail.

More info: schifflange.lu