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“The cultural world is key to BWM’s creativity”

With a longstanding presence in Luxembourg, the BMW Group is the premium car leader in the Grand Duchy. This automotive industry giant is part of the Luxembourg electromobility, new technologies and innovation biotope, and is also heavily involved in the cultural sector.

Why did you decide to sponsor Esch2022?
JEROEN LISSENS, Corporate Communication Manager, BMW : The voice of artists and the cultural world is key to BMW’s creativity and world view which is why it was vital for us to support Esch2022. It is also a unique opportunity to ensure Luxembourg’s influence in a project of international scope.

What is BMW’s interest in culture?
Culture is a driving force by providing inspiration and nourishes creativity which is similar to the role that BMW plays in the automotive industry – by ingtegrating innovation and creativity into the core of its business. The group has a long tradition of cultural sponsorship, and the “BMW art car” sees renowned artists such as Jeff Koons or Andy Warhol invited to transform legendary car models into works of art. We also sponsor other events such as the Rencontres de la Photographie in the French town of Arles and the Middelheim Jazz Music Festival in Belgium.

How are you supporting Esch2022?
Beyond financial support, BMW Group will ensure Luxembourg and Esch2022 benefit form its reputation by inviting international partners and clients to discover Luxembourg’s cultural heritage. The company plans to get involved by making vehicles available to the Esch2022 project and we are very excited to be involved in this inspiring adventure.

Eva Krins (Maison Moderne)