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Pure Europe – An exhibition dedicated to understanding Europe and Europeans

An interview with Pit Péporté, co-curator of the exhibition “Pure Europe”

Is the aim of “Pure Europe” to define what Europe is and who Europeans are?
PIT PÉPORTÉ, historian and curator of the exhibition: It is more a matter of raising questions so that the public can form their own opinions. Europe is not just a territory, it’s more of a blurred idea. There is the European Union for example, but also other Europes…

Can you give us an example?
The exhibition revolves around six clichés about Europe: white, cultured, rich, Christian, old, patriotic.

Because these are all ideas that need to be qualified for a public that may or may not agree with them. For example, Europe has certainly had a relationship with Christianity since the Middle Ages, but in reality, there is a great diversity of religions, and it is also the most atheist continent in the world.

Can you tell us about the content and design of “Pure Europe”?
The exhibition will contain texts, photos, videos, objects and installations. It is designed on two levels with a lot of interactive content and stories about real people on the lower level. We wanted to compare the dominant narrative with the counternarratives in order to highlight the diversities, the divergences that we no longer perceive and also to show external points of view so as not to be too eurocentric.

16.12, 6 pm
Halle des Poches à Fontes, Esch-Belval

17.12.2022 – 26.02.2023
Visitor Centre / Möllerei, Esch-Belval