Partners of Esch2022: Pastry Cayotte “We’re going to put Esch on the map”

© Lynn Theissen

Gérard Cayotte is a pastry chef and has been established in the heart of Esch since 1997. With a team of 22, he creates an exceptional range of pastries, ices, sweets and tarts that delight the gourmets of Esch and the surrounding area. In our interview, he explains why engagement and partnership with the European capital of culture 2022 is a clear obligation for him as a craftsman and trader in the city of Esch.

Esch is the European capital of culture 2022. What does this mean to you?

This means several things. We are very lucky to have Esch2022 after what we have just been through. The economic impact for the city and for the country will be tremendous. We are finally going to put Esch on the map, we will take advantage of it, we will speak positively about Esch, all the great things we have, all that has been done and all that is going to be done, so we will be able to move forward.

How will you help to put Esch in the spotlight or “on the map” as you call it? 

A lot of people, even some border residents, cannot find Esch on a map. For us, it’s now or never to get ourselves known. My team and I are working on a confectionery project, which we will present in a box with the sites of Esch-sur-Alzette, monuments and sites that are interesting to showcase.

Why did you become a partner of Esch 2022?

My role as a craftsman, a trader, is to get involved. Today, we can’t say: “No, we’re not interested. “Everyone has to become involved. By doing so, Esch2022 will become a success.

Why are you encouraging small local businesses to become partners of the European capital of culture 2022?

It’s our role as traders, craftsmen, even citizens. How many years will it be before we have an opportunity to showcase our city, our country? Quite simply, all the actors of the city of Esch or of the surrounding area must rally round. We have to call on all the assets, i.e. the people who work there, who live there, those who trade, those who work as craftsmen, those who are in industry – they must all commit themselves and develop this bit. We must showcase every corner of our region: we have the industrial zone of Belval, the surrounding area, the university sites and the start-ups that are going to come and set up here. Our role is to move forward.

The pastry craftsman depends on know-how but also on the quality of the raw materials. What role does sustainability play in your business?

Today, sustainable development has become fashionable and is therefore unavoidable. It is essential to pay attention to our costs, our purchases, to buy less, hold less stock, make less waste, pay attention to recycling. It’s holistic.

What impact will Esch2022 have on your municipality and, in particular, on your business?

Esch2022 will attract many more tourists. In addition, our media visibility will be enhanced. We will have enormous spin-off effects, both economically and culturally, and it will be a phenomenal boost for our entire region for the future.

I am creating the future and you can too! Find out everything you need to know to become an Esch2022 partner here: