news of the municipalities: The programme of Esch-Alzette at the heart of Esch2022

Esch-sur-Alzette ©Ville de Esch-sur-Alzette

The city of Esch-Alzette, both initiator and at the heart of the Esch2022 project, is fortunate to draw on the fantastic work of its existing network of cultural institutions, organisations and collaborators. Conceived in close collaboration with an impressive roster of highly committed partners, its radiant and multifaceted programme combines quality and diversity. 

In addition to the major transversal projects initiated by the municipality of Esch-Alzette, such as the Nuit de la Culture or the Francofolies, the Esch2022 programme comprises nearly 90 projects across the city. Numerous other events on the territory of Esch2022 will also be closely related to the city of Esch, including cross-border projects, European projects carried out with other Capitals of Culture such as Kaunas 2022, and international projects. 

These events will be implemented and promoted by 11 institutions, 34 non-profit organisations and numerous private individuals. Kulturfabrik, Théâtre d’Esch, National Resistance Museum, Konschthal, Bridderhaus, Bâtiment IV, the Music Conservatory and many other actors, including our partner organisations, will work together to ensure the local, regional, European and international outreach of Esch2022. 

As one of the city’s flagship institutions, the Kulturfabrik will organise ‘Where is the cool’, the first indoor music festival to take place across the region. It will furthermore present a preview of an exhibition dedicated to the Internationale Bauaustellung (IBA), a cross-border urban development project led by the University of Luxembourg, which will begin in 2023 and is set to unfold over ten years. 

The programme of the Théâtre d’Esch will be divided into three main sections, the first of which is a ‘Panorama’ of contemporary theatrical creation. This event will sketch ‘a portrait of the Man of Esch to reveal various facets of his identity: his industrial past, his relationship to others, but also popular culture… a sort of Chinese portrait or rebus with multiple clues’. The second part consists of the ‘Other Stories’ festival, which will inaugurate stage experiences based on roundabout paths to tell new stories. The third part caters specifically to young audiences, who will be able to attend a dozen shows at the Ariston.

The Music Conservatory of the City of Esch-Alzette will draw on its exceptional pool of artistic talent to produce ‘Sl’Esch’, a musical comedy retracing the history of the city. In autumn 2022, the artists’ residency centre Bridderhaus will host the ‘Le Salon d’Helen Buchholtz’, a project curated by Claude Weber, who was among the first to rediscover this composer born in Esch-Alzette in 1877 into a family working in the retail trade and industry (Brasserie Buchholtz, Quincaillerie Buchholtz-Ettinger). 

Through two major exhibitions and related cultural events, the National Resistance Museum will explore the concept of resistance in its wider understanding, including a reflection on the inclusion of minorities, alternative ways of thinking and human rights. As part of Esch2022 and Kaunas 2022, the Konschthal will dedicate a monographic exhibition to the work of the Lithuanian artist Deimantas Narkevicius. Concluding the Esch2022 programme, Sandy Flinto and Pierrick Grobéty will present the last part of the project ‘De terres rouges en terres rouges’, which brings together a large group of artists and bears witness to the collaboration and interaction between projects, structures and institutions. 

Bâtiment IV, a new cultural venue located on the industrial wasteland of Esch-Schifflange – the future ‘L’Alzette’ district – will host several projects by Esch2022 project developers, including ‘Remix Hariko’

The University of Luxembourg will present several projects, including ‘A Colônia Luxemburguesa’, developed by SAMSA and C2DH, ‘AI​​&ART Ecosystem – AI&ART Pavilion on the Future of Art and Intelligence’, ‘Petite maison’, ‘Remix Place’, ‘Remixing Industrial Pasts in the Digital Age’ and many other collaborative projects, such as ‘Remix Science: The Sounds of Data’, organised in partnership with the Luxembourg National Research Fund and the Rockhal. 

International and local media will also contribute to the outreach of Esch2022. For 100 successive days, ‘Radio Art Zone’, a pop-up radio station created by collaborators of Radio ARA, will broadcast a programme from the Bridderhaus dedicated to art, conceived in collaboration with international radio stations, including Resonance FM in London.

Find more information about Esch-Alzette here.