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Mondercange in the spotlight – Esch2022 celebrates the Municipality of the Month from 22 August to 21 September 2022

At the heart of the Mondercange programme organised in the context of Esch2022 is the specially created cultural headquarters of the municipality: the pop-up village “Beim Nëssert” in Bergem. Over a period of several months, there will be a series of events and cultural projects taking place here, in line with the four thematic pillars of Esch2022. The pop-up village will host a creative market, academic events, concerts, exhibitions, workshops and outdoor activities for young and old. The primary goal is not only to entertain, but also to raise awareness and bring visitors together by encouraging dialogue on sustainability issues.

The pop-up aspect refers to the immediate and ephemeral nature of the installation, and the term “village” indicates that this is a place of gathering and participation. The pop-up village is made up of disused shipping containers and is an extension of the cultural centre “Beim Nëssert”, making it possible to offer coordinated indoor and outdoor activities.

The “Augenschmaus” designer market, which has enjoyed great success in the past as a place where artists from the Greater Region get the opportunity to showcase their objects and products, will be further expanded under the Esch2022 Leitmotif Remix Europe. Designers from all over Europe will be invited to display their works in the pop-up village from 17 to 18 September. Within the framework of Remix Art, the music and art festival “M22:Remix Nëssert” will be held from 10 to 11 September featuring artists such as Aramelo, Léa Bastien, Seed to Tree, Foreigners, Porcapizza, The Disliked, Top Fanfare and DJ Duke. The cultural autumn will be heralded by several other concerts in August and September with Englbrt & Pink Lint, Linq & Between Shelves, Serge Tonnar & Band or the Luxembourg Jazz Voices & Mata Voices in collaboration with INECC.

There will be monthly meetings with academic sessions, training courses and subsequent workshops for young and old on the topics of design, sustainable development, agriculture and permaculture, covering the thematic areas of Remix Yourself and Remix Nature. The idea is to demonstrate that culture can take many forms and is not limited to certain disciplines. In collaboration with around 70 local associations and clubs, Mondercange is aiming not only to offer new types of activities and events, but also to shape the municipality’s cultural policy for the years to come.

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