Isabelle Faber, POST Luxembourg: “Promoting Luxembourgish talent.”

Maison Moderne, BRANDVOICE,SAP

Founded in 1842, POST is one of Luxembourg’s oldest companies. Having since established branches throughout the country, it continues to adapt to development in postal system, telecommunications and banking sectors.

Why did you choose to become an Esch2022 partner?
POST is very much aware of the need for it to behave in an exemplary manner, as a public institution, and notably aims to develop its operations sustainably. Be it through innovation, openness or efforts to identify synergies – the key themes of Esch2022 – being a partner to this unique cultural event quite simply put us even closer to achieving our goals.

What is your relationship with culture?
POST Luxembourg has a well-established relationship with the country’s cultural scene, notably as a result of numerous long-standing partnerships with the organisers of various cultural events through different types of sponsorship such as financial donations, skills sponsorship and sponsorship in kind, notably where technology is concerned. Its sponsorship strategy has enabled POST to pursue various objectives, such as promoting Luxembourgish talent, encouraging access to cultural events for young people and, more recently, inclusion, in the broadest sense of the term.

How are you supporting Esch2022?
POST is providing telecom services, ultrahigh-speed broadband connectivity for the various exhibition and event spaces, giant LED screens in Belval, and technical expertise in general. It’s also supporting two projects both financially and materially, these being “Spieglein Spieglein”, by photographer Jessica Theis, and disciplinary project “Hidden Sessions” by David Galassi and partners.

Interview by Yves-Olivier Ebe, Maison Moderne