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Interview with Laurent Zeimet, Mayor of Bettembourg

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“New districts will increase the supply of housing”

Could you present Bettembourg?
Bettembourg is located near the capital and is considered the gateway to the south of the country. The city centre is in the process of being redeveloped with the help of a citizen participation programme and new districts will increase the supply of housing.

What is your vision for Bettembourg in 2030?
We are a signatory of the Climate Pact and to respond to the demographic evolution of the municipality, we plan to build new green neighborhoods with sustainable buildings that respect strict standards. We are preparing for the arrival of new citizens with the construction of a new school but also adapted infrastructure such as the new building that will house our technical services on the route de Dudelange. The Bettembourg forest has been awarded the international FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label, which guarantees sustainable and responsible forestry, and we are keen to preserve biodiversity even in our neighborhoods, notably through the development of parks.

What are your 3 highlights from the Esch2022 programme?

  1. Literatur
    I’m quite proud of “LiteraTour” and the opportunities it offers to young authors. I am looking forward to the special edition planned for this year. Programme on www.prixlaurence.lu
  2. De Ris geet op d’Rees
    I am also looking forward th the release of comic strip “De Ris geet op d’Rees” and the trail themed around the friendly giant of the Parc Merveilleux. Publication in spring 2022. Available in bookshops.
  3. Auguste Trémont en 2022
    It was interesting to see the exhibition dedicated to Luxembourg painter and draughtsman Auguste Trémont, whose work I know well.

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