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Inauguration of Bâtiment 4 in Esch-Alzette

Bâtiment4 ©Emile Hengen

With ​​3,000 square meters of space as well as ample outdoor spaces, Bâtiment 4 opened its doors in Esch-Alzette on 11 and 12 December 2021. Dedicated to artistic and cultural creation and social innovation, it is an alternative cultural and citizen venue that looks at artistic creation as a motor of social innovation. It is also a place of research, a laboratory: alive and ebullient, Bâtiment 4 promotes freedom and the right to make mistakes, both for its occupants and the audience.

Bâtiment4 is also a place for sharing, citizen’s participation, amateur practices and transmission of knowledge for all. It is a space where visitors are encouraged to become ‘actors’. To do so, it supports spontaneous initiatives by its occupants and the general public.

This cultural place is managed by an independent collective made up of the permanent resident associations and based on their intercooperation (Hariko, CELL, ILL, Richtung22, and many others…) and the public.

All audiences without distinction are encouraged to come and participate in the construction and life of the venue, regardless of origins, background, language, status, age, sexual orientation or gender. Access is free during regular opening hours and pricing for the activities on offer will be moderate.

Bâtiment4 also takes part in the life of the community by promoting intercooperation between its occupants or audiences and other institutions and alternative places in the region.

The core values underpinning this project are creativity, intercooperation and co-creation; the desire to create a more open and solidary society based on recognition, respect, welcoming and valuing the Other; the desire to establish a shared culture and a ‘cultural democracy’; and, finally, a desire to build an ecological and resilient world. The permanent, temporary or one-time occupants unreservedly adhere to all these founding principles and are invited to develop their own project while contributing to the collective project. Among other things, this means that they engage with the collective and actively participate in the meetings of B4 members (relative to the time spent and the space occupied at B4).

In addition to the projects of its permanent resident organisations, which include Hariko, Independent Little Lies, CELL and Richtung22, Bâtiment 4 will host numerous partner projects as part of Esch2022, including the photographic exhibition and installation of the project ‘1001 Tonnen’ by Jessica Theis, the musical masterclasses of Adham Al-Sayaad’s project ‘Belong’ and the cross-border participatory theatre project for young audiences organised in collaboration with the Théâtre National de Strasbourg, as well as numerous other projects such as ‘La grande marche’, ‘Desire Lines’, ‘Pont invisible’, ‘Ottange22’, ‘Choreochroma’, ‘Lucoda’ and ‘Tribune Dance Yourself’, organised in collaboration with Trois C-L, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois.

The varied programme of events devised for the official opening of the building reflected the diversity, creativity and openness of this alternative venue and offered a taste of things to come during Esch2022.

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