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Flamenco for everyone!

Thoughout this month of May, the Circulo Cultural Español Antonio Machado will present its project ARTraverse-FLAMENCOtre as part of Esch2022, European Capital of Culture. Through a series of contemporary performances, workshops and film screenings, it aims to demonstrate that flamenco, far from being a museum object or reified folklore, is an integral and universal art form, a living and daring artistic practice that constantly questions itself and remixes its constitutive elements in order to continue to transmit the themes and reflections preoccupying the women and men of its time.

The practical workshop Carmen 1936: Flamenco beyond stereotypes, which takes places on Saturday 14 May 2022 from 11.00 to 18.00 at Kulturfabrik Esch (admission free) under the guidance of Fernando López, aims to unsettle some of the stereotypes surrounding flamenco dance and take a fresh look at the importance of posture, gesture and other key features of flamenco through improvisation. The workshop will focus on the opera-ballet ‘Carmen’ by Georges Bizet based on the novel of the same name by Prosper Mérimée, as well as on various choreographic interpetations of its main character in the work of Alicia Alonso, Roland Petit, Mats Ek, Antonio Gades/Carlos Saura, Rafael Aguilar and others. Despite drawing on generalisations, imprecisions and misunderstandings, stereotypes (in dance and elsewhere) are perpetuated through time, such as the conception of flamenco as baile de cintur para arriba (dance above the belt) for women, and baile de cintura para abajo (dance below the belt) for men.
Dance workshop (4 hours, in two parts)
All audiences, no prior experience required

Screening of Algo Salvaje. La historia de Bambino’
Tuesday 17 May at 19.30 / Kulturfabrik Esch (Kinosch)
Directed by Paco Ortiz (2021), Original version with French subtitles
In the famous movie ‘Blade Runner’, Tyrell tells Roy : ‘The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long’. This observation holds true for Bambino, whose life was too short and at the same time too intense. The idol of an entire country, he was known to celebrate endless and wild parties. Like Morente or Camarón, Bambino in his day was the last frontier of flamenco, which he rescued from oblivion and brought closer to large audiences: an artist’s artist, an icon of roadside bars, a kind of Federico García Lorca of bulerías, whose inimitable style, mesmerizing stage presence and endearing personality are now part of a myth: a king without a kingdom, a musical giant of the 20th century. Teaser: TRAILER Algo Salvaje. Bambino’s story – YouTube

Screening of ‘Silencio and Traslasierra
Thursday 19 May 2022 at 19.30 / Kulturfabrik (Kinosch)
Screening of ‘Traslasierra’
Original version with French subtitles
‘Traslasierra’ is an autobiographical documentary about the relationship of deaf people with music. At first sight, music and the world of the deaf appear to be two unconnected realms, but ‘Traslasierra’ sheds a new, partly unexpected light on this question. Music and humane emotions are universal. As this documentary shows, when there is an impulse to communicate, there are no limits. Music and emotions come together to create miracles. These great universal themes are presented in an intimate and personal documentary set in a remote village in Andalucia, Traslasierra, which literally means ‘beyond the mountains’. In the documentary, the word is also a metaphor for the position of deaf people in society. More than a story told in hindsight, ‘Traslasierra’ is a live document of an experience aimed at putting deaf people in direct contact with music. An experiment with surprising results.
Trailer: TRASLASIERRA trailer – YouTube

Screening of SilencioOriginal version with French subtitles
The short documentary ‘Silencio’ is a visual journey through the life and work of the dancer and lottery ticket seller Ángeles Narváez, called ‘La Niña de los Cupones’. The film recounts how, despite her hearing disability, she managed to become a professional flamenco dancer, create her own company and integrate sign language into her dance performances. It offers a personal and intimate vision of the protagonist, who narrates her life, the story of her daily struggle and commitment to flamenco, in the first person. The documentary was directed by Remedios Malvárez and includes the participation of artists such as Laura Vital, El Niño de Elche and Manuel Tudela.
Editing and production : Arturo Andújar
Music : Silvain Honorat.
Poster photography and design : Arturo Andújar

Free entrance, booking required :
Centre culturel Kulturfabrik
116, rue de Luxembourg
L-4221 Esch-sur-Alzette
For more information, write to or call +352 55 44 93-1.

Dance performance « Gozo y Ilanto » (Joy and tears)
Friday 27 may 2022 20.00 Escher Theater
Flamenco Inclusivo
By the Cie José Galán
with sign language interpretation
Who said it was impossible? Certainly not José Galan. For the Sevillian choreographer flamenco is less about heel tapping than about the pure and simple expression of emotions. Lola Garcia-Baquero is a blind dancer. And exactly like her, all other performers of the Flamenco inclusivo company tell their personal stories influenced by their physical disabilities. But their disabilities are not limiting, instead they are enabling a charming and tender style of flamenco that will never fade away.
Gozo y llanto – Escher Theater

Flamenco Workshop “ Inclusive Flamenco” by José Galán (the workshop is open to people with and without disabilities)  Saturday 28/05/2022 / 10h00-12h00 / Escher Theater / Free reservation
Learn the basics of flamenco with José Galán, on Saturday 28 may (10 a.m. to 12 a.m.).
Free reservation :

Duration: 2h
Public: For everyone from 10 years old
Flamenco Workshop – Escher Theater