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Exhibitions to be discovered throughout the Esch2022 region

Red Luxembourg ©CRIT.architects

In addition to the exhibitions organised by Esch2022 at the Möllerei and the Massenoire in Esch-Belval, numerous exhibitions on various themes will take place throughout the region.

Among them, the exhibition ‘Auguste Trémont in 2022, a revisited encounter’ revolves around the connections between the Luxembourg-born artist Auguste Trémont to the local steel industry and to the socio-cultural environment of the Minett region during the First World War. Referring to this period, the paintings and drawings on the steel industry that Trémont produced in the Dudelange factory from 1914 to 1918 will be exhibited in the large hall of the Schlassgoart Gallery in Esch-sur-Alzette. The rest of the visit will let visitors discover some of the highlights of the artist’s work as a portrait painter and animal sculptor in Paris. At the same time, the exhibition is conceived to encourage a contemporary interpretation of his work. The Luxembourg-born sculptor Eric Schumacher, who lives and works in Edinburgh and Berlin, will participate in the scenography by developing an artistic intervention resulting from a personal dialogue with the world of Trémont. A special publication will accompany the exhibition.

Exhibition from 24.02.2022 to 16.04.2022
Galerie Schlassgoart
Blvd Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Nonnewisen, L-4070 Esch-Alzette
From 14.00 to 18.00.

As part of Esch2022, European Capital of Culture, the National Museum of Resistance and Human Rights in Esch-sur-Alzette will host two projects that confront participants and spectators with strong messages of commitment while promoting awareness of human rights and reflecting on issues such as forgetting and remembering. The first project, ‘Frans Masereel + Hamid Sulaiman: Who Seeks Peace’, revolves around an exhibition based on the encounter of two artists, the Belgian Expressionist Frans Masereel (1889–1972) and the Syrian designer Hamid Sulaiman (*1986). Their dialogue is based on their respective graphic vocaublaries and common messages, looking at themes such as war, repression, resistance, flight and threats to human rights. The exhibition will present drawings, paintings, publications, films and graphic animations and will be accompanied by a catalogue. The museum will also offer a series of lectures, events and workshops. At the same time, our local partners will be organising outhouse projects in Esch, Dudelange, Metz and Saarbrücken, which will be inspired by the strong and committed messages of the artists and emphasize civic, educational, intergenerational, integrative and creative aspects.

Exhibition from 24.02.2022 to 14.08.2022
National Museum of Resistance and Human Rights
Place de la Résistance, L-4041 Esch-Alzette

From 24.03.2022, the exhibition ‘RED Luxembourg’ at the Kulturfabrik will present the outcome of a project carried out by the CRIT and the University of Luxembourg highlighting new approaches to the issue of housing in the French-Luxembourgian cross-border region. The focus will be on collective, affordable and ecological housing. The project will be specifically investigating the cross-border Terres Rouges region as a unique place to experiment. The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication.

Exhibition from 24.03.2022 to 20.05.2022
Opening on Thursday 03.24.2022 at 18.30
Bookings:<br /> From Wednesday to Saturday, from 15.00 to 20.00
116, rue de Luxembourg, L-4221 Esch-sur-Alzette

Starting on 26.03.2022, the exhibition ‘OUR ARCHIVE. YOUR STORY – HEADQUARTER’, organised as part of the project ‘OUR ARCHIVE. YOUR STORY’, will bring together the favourite documents of the staff working at the the archives department of the National Audiovisual Center (CNA). During classification, digitisation or research, each of them has come across documents that stood out by their singularity, historical value, aesthetics or evocative power. This exhibition lets you discover a selection of treasures from our photo, film and sound archives! It will be completed by the screening of ‘Komm… ech filmen dech!’ by Geneviève Mersch, five short films based on the CNA’s amateur film collection. Produced by the CNA, this exhibition is a tribute to the people who work on a daily basis for the conservation and dissemination of the country’s audiovisual heritage.

Exhibition from 26.03.2022 to 31.12.2022
CNA, Display 01
1b, rue du Centenaire, L-3475 Dudelange

The exhibition ‘Antidote Fiction’, organised by the Bombyx collective, combines visual arts and sculpture. This interdisciplinary and participatory exhibition takes as its starting point the region’s industrial heritage and invents curated fictions for the near or distant future, with resilience and kindness as key concepts. The event will first take the form of an exhibition of visual art works, videos and installations that will comprise performances and creative workshops. Following the performances, the actor/performer will leave a piece of their decor or costume or a video transcription in the exhibition, which will thus gradually transform. Saturday afternoons will be devoted to various workshops in clay modelling, experimental printing, ‘Viewpoints’ and theatre. The workshops will be held within the exhibition, except for those requiring larger equipment (printing on an engraving press and clay modeling), which will take place at the Grande Bleue workshop, rue Tattenberg.

Exhibition from 14.04.2022 to 29.05.2022 from 15.00 to 19.00
Performance-vernissage Keita Mori + Claire Thill + Pascale Noé Adam on 14.04.2022 from 18.00 to 22.00
Centre d’art Nei Liicht
23, rue Dominique Lang
Centre d’art Dominique Lang
Dudelange Gare-Ville

The exhibition ‘CRAFT 3.0’ presented by De Mains De Maîtres Luxembourg looks at Luxembourgian and European actors in the fields of artistic craftsmanship and new so-called additive technologies in order outline the formidable opportunities opened up by the combination of old and new skills. Reaching beyond the eternal debate between tradition and progress, it shows that that digital technologies do not intend to supplant craftsmanship, nor to make it disappear, but can on the contrary be a great way to strengthen or even expand them. The exhibition aims to explore current and future shifts from age-old gestures towards new expression of craftsmanship informed and enriched by digital technologies. CRAFT 3.0 takes visitors on a didactic journey through three stages or ‘items’, both offering an inventory of arts and crafts today and a projection into a digital future that more than ever challenges the creative world.

Exhibition from 01.04. to 26.06.2022
1535 Creative Hub, Building B
115, rue Emile Mark, L-4620 Differdange

Exhibition ‘1001 Tonnes’ by Jessica Theis
‘No, I’m not making this up, it’s not a fairy tale; these figures are not the stuff that dreams are made of, but that’s the reality: 1.6 kilos of waste per year and inhabitant in Luxembourg (2020), multiplied by more than 626,000 inhabitants (2020), which amounts to 1001 tonnes of waste that is dumped illegally every year. In other words, 103 kilos of waste per kilometre on our country roads. And 216 kilos of waste per kilometre along our highways. This costs Luxembourg 1.2 million euros per year. I photograph the illegal dumps, the fly tips that people leave behind in nature, the waste from their bathrooms that they dump in the forests, the cars they abandon by the side of the road, the waste they fail to pick up after their barbecues, the cigarette packages and cans they throw out of their cars, the bricks and rubble that companies do not dispose of properly. Why are people doing this? Have we lost all our scruples? Where is the respect for nature and for others? And what can we do about it?’ (Jessica Theis)

For the Luxembourgian photographer Jessica Theis, it is fundamentally important to visualise our behaviour as consumers and the way in which society’s throw-away mentality contributes to the environmental problem. ‘Why are we buying so much stuff? Why do we always replace things instead of fixing them? How can we act against this? What can we do as individuals? What can we do in our circle of friends, in our family, at work?’ Jessica Theis will exhibit her photographs in the urban space, organise a series of round tables, initiate exhibitions and actions in schools, and publish a catalogue.

Garbage-collecting events and exhibitions
From 22.02.2022 to 31.12.2022 in different municipalities in the Esch2022 region
For details on the various events around the exhibitions see the Agenda on our website.