REMIX NATURE – REMIX FUTURE The Sustainability Charter

© Emile Hengen

The sustainability objectives of Esch2022

Esch2022 is looking to the future. For what good would a Cultural Capital be if it reflected on its identity and its environment for merely one year? After all, what is at stake it the future of the Earth, which can only be developed sustainably if we all work together. The future cultural capital of Esch is committed to sustainability-oriented thinking and acting across its programme of events.

Thanks to a citizens’ initiative, Esch2022 was able to develop the ‘Charte Développement Durable’, a sustainability charter originating from a dialogue between the local actors of the 11 Pro-Sud, the 8 CCPHVA municipalities and Luxembourg’s Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development. Tying in with the UN 2030 Agenda and its 17 sustainability goals, the charter defines a total of six objectives in view of shaping a sustainable future.

The six categories of the Sustainability Charter

  1.  Sustainable tourism: Creating awareness of the culture, culinary specificities and environment of our region is an important aspect of the charter.
  2. Nutrition & gastronomy: Sustainable food management. Organically produced local and seasonal food not only tastes better, but also features on every menu of the Esch2022 project partners.
  3. Local economy & exchange: Promoting local and regional production results in shorter transport routes.
  4. Garbage disposal: The best garbage is no garbage at all! All partners of Esch2022 strive to significantly reduce their waste output, avoid plastic waste and keep all public spaces clean.
  5. Mobility, accessibility and entertainment: All Esch2022 events are designed to be quickly and easily accessible so that everyone, regardless of their mobility needs, can enjoy the cultural offer.
  6. Communication & Marketing: Communicating sustainably without the small print! Esch2022 uses clear, transparent language to convey its sustainability goals!

Ecological, social and economic – a global plan for a sustainable future

The charter essentially considers three levels of sustainable development:

  • Ecological level: Ending food waste and reducing waste production according to the idea that less is more! Sustainable tourism, green energy, recycling, regional production: all Esch2022 projects adopt creative approaches that make a contribution against waste production and environmental destruction.
  • Social level: Culture should be accessible to everyone. This goal can be achieved if all local actors form a social network by exchanging thoughts and ideas and helping each other.
  • Economic level: Building bridges between the economy and the cultural sector in order to create a better future together!

A sustainable future – beyond Esch2022

The clear guidelines set out in the charter aim to raise awareness for the way resources are used, while promoting regional and sustainable production. These goals will be defined with and for the local actors. By promoting awareness for environmental issues, the commitment to sustainability will not only be implemented throughout the coming year, but will also resonate beyond Esch2022 so as to ensure a more sustainable, socially just and responsible future for our region.

Find more information about Esch2022′ commitment to sustainability here.