Culture brings progress

Culture is more than an experience. It is a motor for progress and a source of inspiration for every area of life. This has been proven by the more than 60 cities that have held the title of European Capital of Culture since 1985, including Luxembourg City in 1995 and 2007. And once again in 2022, culture will be the driver in developing ideas for the sustainable, social and successful future of our region within the framework of Esch2022.

Culture influences every area of life

There are so many examples of where progressive ideas first appeared in a cultural space before they led to concrete measures. Virtual or augmented reality were first seen in science fiction films before finding their way into science. Theatre and literature address social issues, and so set in motion the public debate on social challenges. Culture never happens alone, but always in association with something else, which is why it has the power to advance every area of life.

From steel industry to knowledge society 

Culture in Esch-Alzette, the municipalities of Pro-Sud and the CCPHVA communities is characterised by heavy industry. Due to the iron ore deposits, the south of Luxembourg was once a flourishing location for steel mining and production that attracted workers from many European countries. The image of the region is still strongly influenced by the many blast furnaces and steel factories from this period. Since the steel crisis of 1975, though, there has been a marked decline in the importance of heavy industry. However, an important academic and scientific location has grown up in its place. The “Cité des Sciences”, the City of Science, which is located in Belval with the University of Luxembourg, is a unique example of this.

For 2022 and beyond

Esch2022 aims to help find out what the industrial heritage of the region may look like in the future and how unused public spaces can be converted for the purpose of culture and science. To this end, numerous projects over the coming year will create impulses that will have an impact well beyond this time.