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Den neie Mineur : Remix between history and reality

The municipality of Kayl/Tétange has strong historical links to the steel industry and its labour force. In the “remix” spirit of Esch2022 European Capital of Culture, a three-part project to revitalise this heritage and make it relevant to modern audiences has been born.

First, Binsfeld published a graphic novel by Charles Meder et Marc Angel on the life of Jean Schortgen, the first workers’ deputy in Luxembourg’s parliament. Next came a musical featuring a troupe of amateur actors supervised by professionals.

At the end of September, this group of thespians succeeded in gathering a 1,100-strong audience at Schungfabrik and creating a tableau on stage featuring 160 actors and musicians. The scene represented 150 years of social and political struggle. The third part of the project – a play entitled Den neie Mineur – will be performed in December. The piece was produced following workshops with local youths who were invited to explore the double meaning of the homonym miner/minor. Their research took in local history and the life of Third-World child workers. Under the guidance of Martine Conzemius, the group has been involved in every aspect of theatrical creation, from writing and stage direction to scenography, music and characterisation. The result is a work of remembrance and creativity that helps spectators rediscover the past and better understand the world today.

09 & 10.12.22, 8 pm
11.12.22, 5 pm
Schungfabrik (Tétange)