Totem ou un sens commun



Media arts, Dance, Pop/Rock/Electro Music, Multidisciplinary, Theater

Project Partner

Compagnie Deracinemoa


Mise en scène : Laurent-Guillaume DEHLINGER Collaboration artistique : Amélie PATARD Assistante à la mise en scène : Sylvie PELLEGRINI Comédienne : Mathilde LABÉ


A team of artists share a monumental scenic space on which a central stage is based and which is marked out by four towers, all of which are linked by four cabled movement devices for a three-dimensional staging. The set is designed with a strong and evolving architectural approach. It is underlined by a connection between materials, lights and images of an original creation in videomapping.  

Totem is a large-scale show for an audience of between 5,000 and 15,000. Totem is multilingual. It includes French, German and English to be fully understood by an international audience.

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Past Events

13.05.2022 • 21:30 - 23:00

Totem ou un sens commun

  • Multidisciplinary
  • Performance / Show
Carreau de la Mine Saint Michel, au bout de la rue Bétiel et de la rue Saint Michel à Audun-le-Tiche (57390)., Audun-Le-Tiche
All audiences

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The association 'Compagnie Deracinemoa' was created in 2003 with the aim of providing a professional framework for the production of shows, the organisation of artistic workshops and the creation of large-scale cultural operations. Specialised in the production and propagation of live shows in public spaces and a territorial open-air cultural organiser, the association aims to promote, encourage and make all audiences discover the diversity of artistic disciplines in the performing arts. 

Since its creation, the association invested in an community approach carried by the street arts, a cultural sector which encourages the decompartmentalisation of traditional artistic practices and causes confusion among all audiences. Indeed, the artistic practice of 'Street Arts' is, by definition: multidisciplinary, accessible, innovative, participatory, social. Thus, all the actions carried out by the association are driven by these values. They are driven by a process of cultural democratisation and the development of a diverse artistic education open to all. The Company is also a member of the National Federation of Street Arts, whose manifesto is Public Art today constitutes one of the founding texts of the cultural policy of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. 

In 2021, nearly 250,000 spectators have already seen a production by Compagnie Deracinemoa, which now has 8 shows on tour, an international festival and 2 very large-format shows.