BOFFERDING : ‘We have contributed to shaping Luxembourg’s identity for generations’

Alain Welter ©Bofferding

Isabelle Lentz, Chief Commercial Officer

Established in Luxembourg since its foundation in 1764, the Bofferding brand belongs to the Brasserie Nationale group. With a family history spanning ten generations, the brewery is firmly rooted in the Esch region and in the lifestyles of Luxembourgers.

Why did you decide to become a partner of Esch 2022?
Partnering an event that promotes Luxembourg was an obvious choice. Bofferding beer belongs to a national heritage that we are proud of. It is an honour for our brand to support all forms of culture that make up the wealth and diversity of this heritage. Furthermore, the event is taking place in a region that has seen our brand grow.

How do you relate to culture?
The Bofferding brand has always been a staple of popular culture, an integral part of Luxembourg’s identity. It is actively involved in culture, particularly in the events sector, from traditional festivals, such as cavalcades, to the most symbolic Luxembourg festive event, the Schueberfouer fun fair. We also want to help make art as accessible as possible, which is why we decided to promote graffiti. Amongst other things, we have collaborated with the graffiti artist Alain Welter, which has incidentally allowed us to give our brand a more modern outlook.

How exactly do you support the Esch 2022 project?
Esch 2022 will benefit from our fame and visibility in the Greater Region. To this end, we worked with the Luxembourgian artist Alain Welter to redesign our packaging and create a glass with the Esch 2022 logo. Our ‘marketing scouts’ Audrey and Francine will ensure the visibility of the project through customised objects, such as beer coasters, that will be distributed across the hospitality sector. Finally, we assist with the logistics of certain events. The Bofferding brand is delighted to take part in this extraordinary cultural adventure.

Eva Krins (Maison Moderne)