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Beyond boundaries …

Numerous Esch2022 projects are being rolled out in the territory of the municipalities of the ‘Communauté de Communes du Pays Haut Val d’Alzette’ (CCPHVA) and, sometimes, elsewhere on the France-Luxembourg border. During May, there will be a particular focus on this French part of the Esch2022 territory. Arm yourself with good shoes to walk the six audio tours called “In the field”, laugh at the workers’ humour in “L’Usine secrète” (Secret Factory), dance to the crazy rhythms of the “Bal Pop” (Pop Ball) in Villerupt and marvel at “Totem ou un sens commun”, an unbelievable multilingual philosophical tale on a grand scale.

Launch of the audio trail “In the field”
From the end of this month, in France and Luxembourg, put on comfortable walking shoes and, with the aid of the GOH application, trace the six audio tours constructed around fictional stories, based on the territory of the “In the field” project, launched on 27 and 28 April! These trails, concocted by a dozen contributing artists, bring together literary productions, audio creations and strolling around. Under the artistic direction of Gaëtan Gromer, aided by the authoress Iuvan, the six tales brought to life in sound correspond to the different territorial regions of Esch, the Luxembourgish municipalities around it or the French frontier communes. Thanks to GPS technology, “In the field” is an interactive experience which you are free to develop as you wish. The sound effects have been created by the Ensembles 2.2., a creative studio from Strasbourg, which specialises in sound and technological art.

On the big screen, discover certain unsuspected aspects of working life
The documentary film “L’Usine secrète” (Secret Factory), brought to you by Emmanuel Graff and Films du Funiculaire, traces the reality of working in a factory or the mines, in two linked territories, the Red Rocks region of Luxembourg and northern Lorraine, called the “Iron territory”, over the period of the last 50 years, through a very special window – illegal practices that the workers engaged in. Through stories, eye-witness accounts, films of the time and objects, the accent is placed on things that are rarely studied, very little filmed, and yet crucial: the independence of workers. Illegal, but tolerated, practices, for example, were important and numerous: self-help, petty thieving, trading services between employees, techniques for working less, for resting, for partying, for drinking etc. Lasting 90 minutes, this documentary puts the emphasis on humour, for which the workers had a particular gift, and is accompanied by specially composed music.

Places and dates of showings: at L’Arche de Micheville in Villerupt, on 22 April; at the Sérémange-Erzange Cinema in France, on 30 April and 1 May; and at the Skip in Esch-Belval on 14 and 15 May, and on 20 May at CNA.

Dance to the crazy rhythms of a great Pop Ball, typical of our territory!
From 1945 up until today, through the various waves of immigration, through iron and steel working and then the closure of this industry, the territory has undergone profound transformation. The popular ball organised by the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture (Youth and Culture Association, MJC) in Villerupt, mixing dance, music, theatre and graphic arts, seeks to reflect important moments in this collective history. Spectators are invited to participate in shared storytelling tableaux, interspersed with festive musical interludes organised by the various charities of the region. A lively “Cultural and social link” to experience together!

When: 7 May 2022 – afternoon and evening
Where: Place Jeanne d’Arc (Villerupt)

A multilingual show on a grand scale at Audun-Le-Tiche (in French, German and English)
The “Totem ou un sens commun” project from the Deracinemoa company will be presented on Friday 13 May 2022 at 21.00 at Audun-Le-Tiche, in the context of the Night of Culture. Inspired by English-language musical theatre, bringing together singing, music, theatre and dance, “Totem” is a philosophical tale on a grand scale, conceived for an audience of 15,000. Based on the collective experience of a massive exile, “Totem” explores, for the duration of a stage show, the relationship between an individual and a group, in the heart of a public space. This bringing together of multiple artistic forces focuses on some powerful ideas: changing, shifting direction, leaving, beginning again … together! A multi-talented team of artists will inhabit a vast scenic space, surrounded by four towers, in a three-dimensional staging. The stage set will be supplemented by an original video-mapping creation.