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“Accor was the first hotel group to have a presence in Belval.”

Adriana Migonney, Sales Director, Accor ©Maison Moderne

Interview with Adriana Migonney, Sales Director, Accor
Founded in 1967, Accor has been present in Belval since 2011. In Esch-Alzette, the French hotel group is very active in the cultural sector, working to raise its profile, particularly through communicating and coordinating with its custom-ers, event organisers and artists.

Why did you decide to support Esch2022?
ADRIANA MIGONNEY: Aside from our business interests, a more personal motivation exists. We want to be involved in the cultural life of the districts where we are present and to support institutional and government initiatives (for example the Philharmonie de Luxembourg or the Grand Théâtre). This is a win-win situation that benefits the communities involved, our customers, local residents and our brand image.

In what way are you contributing towards  making Esch2022 a success?
We offer substantial support that directly integrates communication on all levels. For example, we are showing promotional videos on screens in the lobbies of our hotels. We have also asked our staff to get involved by telling guests about Esch2022 and encouraging them to attend the events.  Finally, in financial terms, we offer preferential or free rates to organisers. It’s a partnership that benefits both Esch2022 and Accor.

What are you doing locally?
We are present at all events and offer special accommodation deals for guests (artists, journalists, etc.). This partnership is maintained throughout the year to ensure the smooth running of the artistic programme.

©Eva Krins for Maison Moderne