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“A transport network that promotes access to culture”

Pierre Mellina ©Maison Moderne, BRANDVOICE,SAP

Pierre Mellina, Président TICE

The TICE inter-municipal union has existed for over a century. Created in 1914 and managed by a committee (made up of representatives of the colleges of aidermen and municipal councils of the syndicate municipalities), its purpose is to ensure public transport between the nine municipalities in the south of the country extending form Pétange to Dudelange. Some 140 TICE buses cover a total of more than six million kilometers of bus routes each year.

Is culture important to TICE?
Although our union has no obvious cultural links, we do play our part by providing public transport for cultural events taking place in the nine municipalities of the south of the country: Differdange, Dudelange, Esch-Alzette, Käerjeng, Kayl, Pétange, Rumelange, Sanem and Schifflange.

Why did you decide to sponsor Esch2022?
Esch2022 is taking place in nine of our municipalities. Being a partner was a no-brainer. We wanted to use our public transport resources to make this event a success. It represents a major challenge for the region, so all public, bodies need to join forces to ensure its success.

Why are you doing concretely to lead your support?
As we serve southern Luxembourg, our buses are being used to promote the event, by bearing the slogan “Den TICE rullt fir Esch2022” (TICE Transport for Esch2022). Artist Alain Welter has also decorated some of our fleet in honor of the occasion by representing events or celebrating iconic local industries like steel production. The public can avail of our buses to attend events, and we naturally do our best to serve all municipalities in this regard.

©Marie Russilo for Maison Moderne