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A colorful dance performance

Dance Performance at Church Saint-Martin of Dudelange ©optikalusion : Chris Moylan

A look back at the huge success of the first event of the REMIX Festival d’Esch2022 at the Eglise Saint-Martin de Dudelange. The lucky 500 of the two performances given in the evening of 24.09.2021, at 20.00 and 21.00 attended an unprecedented show, sublimated by a video mapping highlighting the architecture and heritage beauty of the place. Immersed in a colorful halo, sometimes red, sometimes blue, the spectators were able to discover their church in a new light.

The combination of this video mapping by Arthur Stammet with the extraordinary sounds of Paul Kayser’s organ mixed with real pre-recorded sounds formed a dream setting for Rhiannon Morgan’s very contemporary – almost “industrial” choreography. The 4 dancers of the Lucoda company, all dressed in white, a nod to the Greek caryatids (?), have literally “inhabited” this religious space transformed into a den of contemporary creation.

At the great organ: Paul Kayser
Dance: choreography by Rhiannon Morgan with dancers of the LUCODA/Luxemburg Collective of Dance: Joanna Anousaki, Carine Baccega, Rhiannon Morgan, Ileana Orofino and Aifric Chaoimh (interpreters)
Industrial sound effects: samples recorded by Arthur Stammet in Michel Feinen’s workshop
Software composition and programming: Arthur Stammet