The Esch2022 team passed the torch to the PRO-SUD syndicate and the CCPHVA

On 23 January 2023, one month after the end of the European Capital of Culture title year, the Esch2022 asbl officially handed over the torch to the municipalities of the PRO-SUD syndicate and the Communauté de Communes du Pays Haut de l’Alzette (CCPHVA). This event, which took place at the L’Arche in Villerupt, a cultural venue inaugurated within the framework of Esch2022, highlighted the desire to pursue inter-municipal and cross-border cooperation in southern Luxembourg and north-eastern France.

The event consisted of two parts: the morning was dedicated to workshops on four topics, followed by a handover ceremony between the Esch2022 team and representatives of the PRO-SUD syndicate and the CCPHVA.

The aim of the workshops was to discuss the future of the cooperation between the municipalities and the actors of the Esch2022 territory. The themes of the four workshops were: culture in the Esch2022 region, communication, tourism and mobility, and sustainable development.

During the ceremony, the two presidents of the municipal associations, Georges Mischo for the PRO-SUD syndicate and Patrick Risser for the CCPHVA, committed themselves to continuing the legacy of Esch2022. The Grand Est region also participated in the event and assured its continued support.

Watch the statements of Georges Mischo (PRO-SUD) and Patrick Risser (CCPHVA) on video:

Photos of the workshops and the ceremony by Emile Hengen: