Rédange (population 994, 5.50 km2) borders the Luxembourgish municipality Belvaux.

Originally, Rédange itself was a Luxembourgish municipality, but was ceded to Lorraine in 1602. After becoming part of Germany in 1871, the municipality experienced a boom because of the iron ore mining. In the 1960s, the population grew to 2,000 inhabitants.

Thanks to the implementation of an OIN (Opération d’Intérét National) and the establishment of an EPA (Establishment Public d’Aménagement) by the state, the population was able to double in size in over the next ten years.

The Cités de la Rue de Belvaux and the Nouvelles Cités both bear witness to the mining past. The Site des Etangs, next to the castle, is a particularly picturesque place. The mill, the church and the hospital built by the Germans, as well as some houses in the historic city centre with eighteenth- and nineteenth-century façades are the most important buildings in the municipality.

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