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Sustainable development is ELO!

Esch2022, in particular through its ELO scheme and its sustainable development charter, is committed to putting sustainability at the heart of its projects and those of its partners. This commitment materialises in different ways, including specifically developed communication tools.

The first element is the website,, which connects the members of the ELO network around sustainability issues. The site provides access to the various thematic guidelines, while offering concrete examples applied to various projects. Users may also find the list of ELO partners and events that apply the principles of the charter.

Together with the agencies Am Gronn and Fame Studio, we have developed a physical communication strategy to raise awareness among visitors and highlight the actions we implement as part of our events. This strategy is based on two elements, including the Carg’ELO presented in the video. These mobile and autonomous stands are fully customizable and very easy to use, in addition to being beautiful. The Carg’ELOs make it possible to get as close as possible to the visitors during the many Esch2022 events.

The second element is a trio of modular totems that enable us to communicate clearly. Each circle on the totem symbolises a commitment that has been verifiably met. We wanted to be as transparent and clear as possible so as to ensure good communication with our visitors. These totems exist in three languages: English, French and Luxembourgish. Esch2022 hopes that these tools will be used well beyond the European Capital of Culture by as many actors as possible in Luxembourg.