“Pôle Culturel de Micheville”: an ambitious project within the Esch2022 territory

The open house of the “Pôle Culturel de Micheville”, within the CCPHVA, was held Friday, September 4 and Saturday, September 5, 2020. Over the weekend, residents were able to discover the construction site of the life-size cultural centre and attend events and shows throughout this special opening to the public.

As part of its territorial strategy, CCPHVA’s goal was to take advantage of these days to introduce the territory’s different associations and give local actors the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, and show the entire population the cohesion that exists between all those actors as well as the diversity of actions carried out on the territory.

Participation was put forward since the inhabitants of the CCPHVA had the opportunity to vote for the future name of the cultural centre, which was unveiled during the open house. The “Pôle Culturel de Micheville” will now be called “L’Arche”.

With 800 people over 2 days, this sneak preview of the official opening in September 2021 was a success for the region.

About the “Pôle Culturel de Micheville”
The creation of the “Pôle Culturel de Micheville” on the territory of the CCPHVA is part of a development programme carried out by the “Etablissement Public d’Aménagement Alzette-Belval”, within the framework of an “Opération d’Intérêt National” and the Ecocity label. It echoes the major development of the Belval area in the south of Luxembourg.

The objective is to position this cultural centre as a regional and cross-border reference place for digital arts and their encounter with the performing arts – live performance and events – in which several projects can be deployed: image education, training, pre-production, production, post-production, but also broadcasting, projection, exhibition or any other digital installation.

The centre will feature:

  • 2 broadcasting spaces: a 147-seat movie theatre and a modular auditorium / cinema with a 688-seat capacity.
  • 1 MediaLab: sound & image-oriented digital workspaces – 3D image modelling and video inlay studios, a sound production and post-production studio, a digital training space
  • 1 FabLab (Arcade): inaugurated in January 2020 in the premises of the CCPHVA, which is becoming increasingly successful and will complement the MediaLab offer.
  • An accessible meeting space for local actors
  • A hall welcoming a bar/restaurant

With this new cultural centre, the CCPHVA is equipped with cultural facilities tailored to the territory and its many assets. Moreover, it will reinforce the cultural offer and the position of the Esch2022 territory, of which the “Pôle Culturel de Micheville” is a full part.

To find out more about the project: