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Pitches Esch2022: Second session of ‘Pitches Esch2022’

match-making session ©Esch2022

Productive meetings between companies and Esch2022 project developers

How to facilitate meetings between Esch2022 project developers who need support and companies wishing to invest sustainably in specific projects, strengthen their social commitment and reach wider audiences? Esch2022 and the platform Inspiring More Sustainability (IMS) are organising the ‘Esch2022 Pitches’ webinars, a series of exciting monthly match-makings at lunchtime.

During the second session, which was held on Wednesday 16 December 2020 from 1 to 2 pm, six project developers presented their projects for 3 minutes each before taking questions from interested companies. In the event of a ‘match’, companies can get in contact directly with the developers and develop a tailor-made strategy together with them.

Marco Abbondanza presented the music festival ‘7Sóis Luso Med Esch Orkestra’, which is scheduled to take place in July 2022 across the territory of Esch2022. After a joint artists’ residence in Esch-sur-Alzette, 6 musicians from Cape Verde, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Portugal and Luxembourg will perform on stage with amateur ensembles and choirs from the Esch2022 region. The concerts will be disseminated by blogger journalists and will be accompanied by culinary tastings centred on Mediterranean food.

The project ‘Remix Audience’ initiated by the Lucoda dance collective and the municipality of Sanem will enable two Canadian choreographers to collaborate with dancers from the Esch2022 region. The couples of professional and amateur dancers will train as part of workshops before or on the evening of a joint performance at Artikuss in Sanem. The couples will be formed at random based on a ticket lottery so as to initiate new encounters. At the end of the performance, the couples will be able to share their thoughts with the artists over a drink. Lucoda are looking for competent sponsorship in accountancy and communication and for logistical support for the choreographers’ travels.

How to transform public spaces into community spaces through culture? Presented by Martin Kracheel, the project ‘DiffMix’ launched by the city of Differdange aims to usher in a participatory process of cultural development for the whole city and with all citizens. The project developers are looking for recycling materials and motivated students.

For Delphine Bailleul, leader of the project ‘Sonomaton de Mirelaridaine’, language, culture and religion are intrinsically linked to food, as epitomised by Proust’s famous madeleine. By archiving the culinary stories of the city of Esch-sur-Alzette in dialogue with the inhabitants, the project aims to unearth its history and collective memory. Unfolding across 2021, this process of archiving will be followed by tasting banquets in 2022. The project aims to develop its website and is looking for voluntary translators.

For photographer Jessica Theis, leader of the project ‘1001 Tonnen’, fly-tipping is a sad reality (1,001 tonnes of waste are dumped illegally in Luxembourg every year). What can we do about it? Why do we replace things instead of fixing them? To be able to exhibit her photographs in the urban realm, organise panel debates, exhibitions and actions in schools, and publish a catalogue, Jessica Theis is looking for partners working in sustainable development and for financial support.

Presented by Benoit Callens, the project ‘Identity’ by the non-profit organisation Knowledge aims to familiarise wide audiences with urban dance. In partnership with the Schungfabrik in Kayl, the objective of this residency project is to promote the values ​​of urban dance styles (house dance, hip-hop, breakdance, etc.). The show scheduled in 2022, which will result from an inclusive activity requiring a simple pair of sneakers, will have a unifying social impact. In addition to financial support, the organisation is looking for skills in accounting and communication.

The next webinar organized by Esch2022 and IMS with other project leaders will take place on Wednesday 11 February 2021 from 1 to 2 pm.

Companies and project developers wishing to participate can register by contacting Anne-Catherine Richard at

These meetings are part of the Business for culture club (BFCC), which brings together all companies wishing to contribute to Esch2022. Open to all and free, the Business for culture club allows companies to strengthen their visibility through their support (patronage, sponsorship, financial or in-kind support) by establishing privileged links with the cultural sector.

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