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“Partners of Esch2022: The Business for Culture Club unites the world of culture and business”

Photo : Lynn Theisen

Anne-Catherine Richard as Head of Partnerships of Esch2022 is the spokesperson for any company who wants to become a partner of the European Capital of Culture 2022. Find out about her vision for this exceptional project, the reasons to become a partner of Esch2022 and what companies can expect in return in the interview.

What is your vision of Esch2022?

Esch2022 will boost our entire region. Until now the area is known for its industrial past, but it has so much more to offer, for example its diverse cultural scene and its magnificent nature. Esch2022 will put the region to the center of attention for a national but also international audience and energize it at many levels.

Why should companies join Esch2022?

Esch2022 will be the flagship event of the next year for the entire region. It will be the biggest project in 2022 with a high visibility way beyond the borders of Luxembourg – and so it will for all partners who join. But a partnership in culture it is way more than an investment.  Companies who become our partner can support more than 130 amazing cultural projects from all over Luxembourg that will be presented during the upcoming year. This is a contribution to society and showing a company’s commitment to the community.

Esch2022 is a driver for change in the region, such as in Belval.

What partners are you looking for?

It doesn’t matter whether it is a big or a small company, anyone can become a partner of Esch2022. The goal is to get involved in the Esch2022 project, whether you can provide financial support, in kind or help with certain skills. The goal is to bring together everyone who wants to participate.

What do you offer partners in return?

We offer a wide range of visibility that allows all corporate partners to have more discernability with their brand during the year 2022. With this, partners can proof their commitment to the region and to its community. When Luxembourg hosted a European Capital of Culture in 1995 for the first time, it really laid the foundation of today’s cultural society in Luxembourg. It is an opportunity, and in my opinion it is also about pride, to be able to participate in a project that is a catalyst for change and for a great future of our region.

Every partner of Esch2022 can become a member of the Business for Culture Club. What is it?

With the Business for Culture Club, we want to connect two worlds, the cultural and the business world. These two worlds are not really connected to each other, even though there is so much potential for synergies. The artistic world needs the business world for example in terms of sponsorships. And the business world needs the cultural sector because of its creativity, its diversity and its richness of inventiveness. The Business for Culture Club unites those two worlds. All partners are offered to enter the exclusive Business for Culture Club and with it, access a huge network, a variety of special meetings, events and training sessions. This means many opportunities to found the future together which is our motto for all the partnerships of Esch2022.

I found the future. And so, can you! Find all information on becoming a partner of Esch2022 here: