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News from the municipalities Industrial wasteland Neischmelz, Place des Vitrines, location of the Festival Vitrines and of the project Vestiaire-Wagonnage, Dudelange ©City of Dudelange, Marc Lazzarini

Dudelange, Municipality of the Month from 22 May to 21 June 2022  

As luck would have it, Dudelange, City of Cultures, will be in the spotlight of Esch2022, the European Capital of Culture, from 22 May to 21 June, a period that sits right between two of its emblematic and internationally renowned festivals, ‘Like a Jazz Machine’ in mid-May and the ‘Fête de la Musique’ in June.  

A buzzing city with a strong identity, Dudelange draws its energy from its working-class past and sportsmanship, as well as from its desire to continually move forward. Its sociability and joie de vivre are rooted in its generous nature and its multicultural diversity. Truly Southern! 

In 2022, the former mining region seized the unique opportunity to be part of the European Capital of Culture. This equally stimulating and captivating project allows us to develop the region’s full potential and to re-establish the connections that emerged with the beginning of the mining and steel-producing activities and have ceased growing since the decline of this industry.  

Dudelange’s programme of cultural events for Esch2022, which will be running throughout the year, therefore remains true to its cultural DNA while being ‘spiced up’ with innovating events. 

The project ‘Vestiaires – Wagonnage’, organised in collaboration with DKollektiv and the charity Œuvre Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, began in 2020. The participation-based redevelopment of the changing rooms in the former wagon hall on the Neischmelz site encourages local involvement and allows residents to identify with the new environment. The building becomes a symbol of past architecture and a source of new artistic creativity. Its repurposing makes it accessible to the public, which is invited to rediscover and reclaim it. The same applies to the locomotive workshop, located opposite, which will accommodate an island of flavours as part of an innovative dining concept.  

Dudelange is the City of Festivals, as evidenced by the numerous events, such as ‘Zeltik’, ‘Like a Jazz Machine’, ‘Fête de la Musique’, ‘Fête des Cultures’, ‘Eat, Beat & Culture’ or ‘Dudelange on Wheels’, that have been punctuating life in the city for decades. Perpetuating this tradition, the city is launching a new event, the Festival des Vitrines, in collaboration with Den Atelier and De Gudde Wëllen. For the first time, three of Luxembourg’s biggest festival organisers will be teaming up to stage a huge festival. Combining their strengths and skills, they have devised an event that merges the practices of ‘Food For Your Senses’, ‘Rock-a-Field’, ‘Siren’s Call’ and ‘Fête de la Musique’ with the aim of ‘showcasing’ the work of the various institutional, nonprofit and commercial actors that fill them with life. 

The  jazzXchange’ project will enrich the programme of the festival ‘Like a Jazz Machine’. This is a three way  project with the cities of Novi Sad and Kaunas, that revolves  around the creation of a jazz opus by musicians with different cultural, historical, social and political backgrounds from the three partner cities, which each hold a large annual jazz festival. Led by project manager Bojan Z., the collective will reside and work in each of the three cities, and work together with students from local music conservatories who will be joining them on stage.  

“Back to basics”, or the benefit of tapping into existing sources. The idea for the project ‘Acoustic Picnics’ was born during hikes in the Haard Natural Park, which connects Dudelange with Kayl-Tétange and Rumelange. Taking a break from the digital everyday, ‘Acoustic Picnics’ aims to create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere in which the whole family can enjoy music, plays, dance performances and readings whilst totally respecting nature – creating zero waste and using no electrical power. As the name of the project suggests, it consists of enjoying a picnic with the artist(s). Participants may bring their own food or choose from a selection of  local organic products.  

For the city of Dudelange, Luxembourg’s two tenures as European Capitals of Culture have acted as cultural stimuli and led to the creation of the Documentation Centre for Human Migrations in 1995 and a major exhibition on migration entitled ‘Retour de Babel’ in 2007. With ‘Re-Retour de Babel’ and its central question, ‘What remains of your roots?’, the city builds on ​​the achievements and spirit of 1995 and 2007 while adopting a more personal and intimate approach. This seems more necessary than ever as the issue of migration is gaining in complexity in the wake of globalisation and European integration and enlargement. Looking at the past through personal stories will allow us to become aware of the events, people and moments in life that influenced who we are and shaped our journey.  

In order to concentrate its artistic potential and develop purposeful projects for the municipality, the City of Dudelange is working closely with local and national cultural associations and actors to present a meaningful and authentic image of Dudelange through 18 projects.  

‘CNA on Tour’ & ‘D’Stëmme vun der Schmelz’ – Centre National de l’Audiovisuel (CNA) 
‘Moving Lusitalia’ – Centre de Documentation sur les Migrations Humaines (CDMH) 
Festival International d’Orgues Dudelange (FIMOD)
Festival de l’imaginaire européen LuxCon/EuroCon 2022 – Association Luxembourgeoise de Science Fiction et de la Fantasy (SFFS) 
‘Antidote Fiction’ – Bombyx Alliage à 2022°C 
‘Industriekultur’ – Centre national de la culture industrielle (IK-CNCI) 
‘E Roude Fuedem Duerch De Roude Buedem’– Maskénada  
‘The Visit’ – Luxembourg Collective of Dance (Lucoda)
‘Desire Lines’ – Claire Thill 
‘The Assembly’ – Charlotte Bruneau & Catherine Elsen 
and many more.

European Capital of Culture is much more than just a city.
It’s a whole territory.

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