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Municipality of the month: Mondercange

Cultural centre "Beim Nëssert" in Bergem, Luxembourg ©Municipality of Mondercange

From 22.08.2022 until 21.09.2022 it is the turn of the municipality of Mondercange to take the spotlight. In the context of Esch2022, with its partner Twist and Tweak, the municipality will mount the project “ECO-DESIGN Village Pop-Up”.

Pop-up alludes to the sudden and short-lived nature of the installation and the term village should be interpreted here as a place for meeting and participating. The project consists of honouring the “Beim Nëssert” cultural centre in Bergem and extending it. The village will comprise an organised outside space and an interior space which is the cultural centre itself. The proposed activities inside and outside will reflect and interact with each other.

For example, themes raised in conferences inside the cultural centre will be associated with workshops planned for the space outside. Essentially, this ‘cultural headquarters’ will, for the space of a few months, become the nerve centre for the programming at the heart of Esch2022. The Pop-Up Village will thus welcome a creators’ market, conferences on the themes of design, sustainable development, agriculture and permaculture, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, open-air activities for great and small, etc. The ultimate aim is not only to entertain but also to make local people and visitors more aware of the subjects raised, directly in line with the objectives of Esch2022.

Find more information about Mondercange here.