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Interview with Gilles Gérard, CEO of LuxLait

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“Putting culinary culture on the map”

In Luxembourg over 128 years, Luxlait exclusively uses local milk for production at its tow sites in Bissen and Mersch. This Luxembourg company offers a range of over 150 fresh dairy products, including milk, milk drinks, butter, creams, cheeses, yoghurts and Ice cream.

Explain Luxlaits relationship with culture
GILLES GÉRARD: When we talk about culture, that also includes food. Luxlait is part of our national heritage and most people have grown up with its products. Kachkéis and pink butter are national institutions, and were even featured in songs, comics and films. Astists such as Jacques Schneider and Lynn Cosyn include our products in their work, while we commissioned Eric Mangen to decorate cow sculptures. Culture is very important to us, and our support of local artists reflects this.

Why did you decide to become an Esch2022 partner?
When we learned that Esch-Alzette would be the European Capital of Culture, it was a no-brainer for us to support this event and to take part. It is also an opportunity to introduce visitors to Luxembourg to our products and cuisine.

What kind of support are you providing for this project?
We have decided to promote Esch2022 through various mediums. In order to encourage people to come to the events, we have designed stickers our distribution trucks. We have created special labels for our products and limited editions of our shakers with a new design by Luxembourg artists are offering. We are also planning product donations.

©Eva Krins for Maison Moderne