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13.10.2021 Meeting : Globalisation in Action

Schungfabrik in Kayl/Tétange ©Emile Hengel

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How can we highlight globalisation in action? And what will be our role in tomorrow’s society? Take the time to discuss this over a drink with Françoise Poos, Esch2022 Programme Director, and two project partners, Guy Assa and Dan Kaemmpfer, who are at the heart of these questions. They shed light on the impact of the Minett region’s industrial past and the transformation of society. What are the known and unknown aspects of the region? Can an awareness of history influence the future perspectives of Minett citizens? How can we overcome preconceptions about the history of the industrial mining past and imagine the life of the ‘new miner’ (“De neie Mineur”) today?

Preview of the “Den neie Mineur” project
This project, of which Guy Assa will reveal some of the main lines, aims to show the evolution of the notion of work in the municipality of Kayl/Tétange: the transition to “Den neie Mineur”. As part of this project, which is based on memories, a musical will be performed near the National Mining Memorial and a graphic novel will be published, developed with the SCRIPT of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth and the Zentrum fir politesch Bildung, among others, as well as a theatre production for and with young people.

Preview of the “Héichkultur amplaz Héichuewen” project
Dan Kaemmpfer will talk about his multidisciplinary project in Esch-Alzette: The transformation of the industrial site into a technology and research location crystallises into a central plot that is staged in public space. Satire, traditional media (newspapers, posters, etc.) and New media (digital media, short films and social networks) will be used. Various happenings and theatre performances will take place at symbolic locations such as the Plancher des coulées (in Englisch: casting platform).

Jenny Fischbach Moderation
With Françoise Poos, Guy Assa, Felix Adams (Dan Kaempfer)

Date: October 13, 2021
Time: 7pm – 8.30pm
Place: Schungfabrik, Tétange (L)
14 Rue Pierre Schiltz, L-3786 Tétange

in french

Free admission, reservation required

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