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FOCUS ON THE PROJECTS: ‘Ensemble, même si différents’

A project with multiple ramifications coordinated by Paul Nilles

The project ‘Ensemble, même si différents’ (in English: Together, even if different)’, conceived and developed by Paul Nilles and a highly efficient team of volunteers, will unfold during Esch2022 as 80 different events in religious sites and public spaces across Esch. Concerts, exhibitions, conferences and shows for all ages will combine with culinary moments that will allow participants to sample different cultures. Together with people of different nationalities, origins and beliefs, a programme has been developed that will allow the implementation of unique ideas and concepts open to visitors far beyond the borders of our city.

Visitors from Esch and beyond will be able to attend a series of lectures given by specialists on Esch’s religious history and buildings; visit religious buildings of all faiths; discover exhibitions such as the globally successful ‘Qui est l’homme du linceul?’, ‘Artmix’, which brings together 26 artists, ‘À la recherche de la paix dans le monde’, and ‘Oranges amères : un nouveau visage de l’esclavage en Europe’; participate in religious celebrations; and follow the Caravan of Peace. Music will also play an important role through concerts by various ensembles, including the brass band and organ classes of the Esch-Alzette Music Conservatory, African music from Filiband, the young boys’ choir Pueri Cantores, the Friends of the Accordion, and the Esch-Alzette Municipal Plectrum Ensemble. Entrance to most events will be free and all venues will be accessible to people with disabilities to ensure everyone can participate in these moments of intercultural exchange, which illustrate the diversity of religious communities in our region. On Monday 9 May 2022, to coincide with Europe Day, the highlight of these interreligious meetings, the ‘Célébration des religions pour la fraternité humaine (in English: Celebration of religions for human fraternity), will bring together the different religious communities at the Rockhal.

One of the objectives of this project is to reveal the cultural richness of religious buildings and their important artistic contributions through guided tours and open house events. The recently published book ‘Traces religieuses à Esch-sur-Alzette’, European Capital of Culture 2022’, (in English: Religious traces in Esch-Alzette) which is available in bookshops and at Escher Infofabrik, is one of the lasting legacies of the project. It illustrates the city’s rich heritage through a series of multilingual contributions on the various religious buildings to be found in Esch-Alzette. Readers will discover the history of religious communities, their funeral traditions and their communal events, as the parishes of St Joseph, Sacré-Cœur, St Henri and Marie-Reine of Lallange, the Muslim Community of Esch, the Lusophone Catholic Community of the South, the Protestant Reformed Church and the Jewish Community of Esch, among others, share their stories and histories.

Reaching beyond differences to place the individual at the heart of the events is the guiding thread of this project. In the spirit of the ‘Remix People’ theme, ‘Ensemble, même si différents’ also wants us to look beyond our borders to promote a united Europe, as well as giving a voice to refugees, humanitarian associations, public figures and citizens. A project with multiple ramifications which promotes ‘living together’.

Project coordinator: Paul Nilles
A citizen of Esch, Paul Nilles has fully committed himself to this project, which was conceived within the Pastoral Council of the Parish of Esch Sainte-Famille and which he coordinates with the help of a large team of volunteers.

Artistic collaboration: Armand Back, Nelly Fellinger
The book (in German and French) is also available at a subscription price of €33 (plus €5 for postage) via bank transfer to the BCEE account LU62 0019 5455 2986 6000.

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