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Focus on the Esch2022 projects

Eric Didym, Art Director of the project « On pourrait faire le tour du Monde »

Of the nearly 600 projects submitted as part of the large Esch2022 Call for projects, nearly 140 were definitively selected. All of them meet the key criteria of the European Capital of Culture, including innovation, a participatory approach, strong citizen involvement, a European dimension and a lasting impact on the Esch2022 region.

‘We are very much aware that all these numbers stand for people, groups, artists, associations and individuals who put their time, energy, enthusiasm and passion into conceiving, writing and budgeting their proposals in order to participate in the wonderful citizen project of Esch2022’, explains Françoise Poos, Director of Cultural Programmes. ‘We were excited to discover this enormous wealth of ideas, born out of everyone’s desire to get actively involved in the development of the Esch2022 region. I would like to thank all the applicants on behalf of the whole team for their contributions.’

The 140 projects scheduled for 2022 will be gradually announced to the public via various channels. During the next Esch2022 press breakfasts, project leaders will be invited to speak about their projects. In addition, they will have several opportunities to present their projects, such as the Nuit de la Culture 2022 organised by the City of Esch. The concept of this participatory project will be presented to the public on 5 November 2020 during a press conference.