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Espaces22: An ephemeral ‘Petite maison’ on Belval Campus

‘Petite maison’ ©

Organised by the University of Luxembourg and initiated by its Master in Architecture, the project ‘Petite maison’ (Engl. Small House) looks to devise and build an ephemeral accommodation according to an innovative creative and collaborative principle, based on the theme of circularity. The temporary architecture will be installed on the forecourt near the Maison du Savoir on Belval Campus. Functioning as a meeting place, the ‘Petite maison’ will also function as a reception and information point for users of the site, and provide information on the activities unfolding throughout the European Capital of Culture as well as on the recurring and ad-hoc activities of the campus. Networking with other sites working around the theme of circularity, it will be built by architects, engineers and experts with the assistance of young students from the University of Luxembourg, and in cooperation with local and international partners. In the broader sense, circularity refers to the idea of a resilient culture. The design and construction of an innovative small house, which involves creating a specific community around the project, is an experimental process. This will be documented through continuous and systematic archiving and made public via a blog. The project will thus make it possible to federate various communities, including students, teachers and researchers but also local users and organisations, entrepreneurs, and many more.