Esch2022 Partners: “Esch2022 will showcase what we are doing here in the south of Luxembourg.”

Photo: © Lynn Theisen

Mathias Lentz is the director of Brasserie Nationale, the Luxembourg brewery with a tradition going back more than 250 years. The family business is in the municipality of Käerjeng and is looking forward to opening its doors to visitors again during Esch2022. In this interview, Mathias Lentz talks about the positive effects for the economy and tourism that the title “European Capital of Culture” brings to the region.  

What does the title “European Capital of Culture 2022” mean for you and your business? 

For us, it is a great honour to be involved and to have been selected as Capital of Culture. Esch2022 will bring great benefits for the entire region as it is not just about Esch but about the south as well as part of France. We sell our beer throughout Luxembourg, but also in France and the Greater Region, in this respect we are at the heart of the new Capital of Culture 2022. We at Bofferding are proud of our modern brewery and are very happy to give a better understanding of Luxembourg’s beer culture to the visitors of Esch2022. 

What do you hope to get from Esch2022? 

We hope to get back to normal with Esch2022. The last few years have been difficult for us: We have been able to brew hardly any kegs, we have only produced water and bottled beer. Plus, we haven’t had any visitors in over a year and yet it’s so important that we can show people how we work and what exactly we produce here. Thanks to Esch2022, we are once again showcasing what we are doing here in the south of Luxembourg.

What effects will Esch2022 have on your business and on the region? 

For us, Esch2022 will have a very positive impact. First of all, working with Esch 2022 is a great advertisement for us and boosts tourism. We expect we could reach about 8000 visitors with Esch2022. Being the “Capital of Culture” means that more and more people will come to the South, whether it’s to our brewery or to the other businesses in the south of Luxembourg. Ultimately, this will boost the economy of the South.  

Sustainable production and quality assurance are very important in your business. Can you tell us more about it?  

Sustainability has always been an important matter in our business, and we have been working continuously to improve for over 20 years. For example, we aim to halve our water consumption by 2022/2023. In addition, we have invented the quality label “Gëlle Flûte”. This is a quality seal awarded to bars and restaurants that serve good beer. Here we check not only the quality of the beer, but also whether it is properly tapped in a customer-friendly environment as beer is a very sensitive product.  

Why should even more businesses, whether small or large, become partners of Esch2022?  

It’s an excellent opportunity to get involved with Esch2022, especially if you are a business from the South or the region. We can work with other municipalities and thus jointly contribute to the success of this unique project.  

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