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“Culture is a remarkable lever of growth for Luxembourg”

Vincenzo Manzella, Marketing Director, Luxair ©Maison Moderne, BRANDVOICE, SAP

Interview with Vincenzo Manzella, Marketing Director, Luxair

The airline Luxair, founded in Luxembourg 60 years ago, continues to innovate and is actively involved in promoting Luxemboug’s heritage both within the Grand Duchy and internationally. Luxair contributes to the country’s standing on a daily basis by enabling people and cultures to come together and interact within the framework of tourism and professional activities.

Why did you choose to become an Esch2022 partner?
Getting involved in the Esch2022 project was a logical step for us because we share common values. We firmly believe that the mixing of cultures is beneficial to the community, and we are convinced that culture is a remarkable lever of growth for Luxembourg and that being a capital of culture is an opportunity not to be missed.

What is your relationship with culture?
Culture really is a multi-faceted lever, and we enjoy working with a wide range of artistic talents. In 2020, for example, we collaborated with street artist Sumo, who customized the fuselage of two of our aircraft. Luxair has also contributed to two music projects by giving artist Edsun access to the “Hal Nennig” aircraft hangar to make a music video and granting composer Napoleon Gold access for a live performance. We have also recently collaborated with the Luxembourg clothing brands Vol(t)age and Stitch.

How are you supporting the Esch2022 project?
Our goal is to enable those involved to benefit from the visibility we can offer as a result of transporting thousands of travellers in order to showcase the cultural richness of Luxembourg, and artist Lynn Cosyn has entirely custom-designed an aircraft bearing the Esch2022 effigy especially for the occasion. This aircraft will serve many European cities over the course of the event.

©Eva Krins, Maison Moderne