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A region for all

The planets trail in Schifflange: head in the stars, feet on the ground!

We find the De Saturn footpath near Jean Jacoby stadium, via a forest path belonging to Lalléngerbierg nature reserve, an exceptional site protected under the …

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A region for all

A rainbow region in the south of Luxembourg

The south of Luxembourg is a multicultural, young, dynamic and very colorful region. On every street corner one hears people speak Portuguese, Italian, French and …

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A region for all

The 3 borders region

It is in Rodange that you will find the 3 borders region where unspoiled forests and meadows meet the Belgian, French and Luxembourgish borders. This …

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A region for all

“Ciné Kursaal” – The oldest cinema in the country

The “Ciné Kursaal” is the oldest cinema in Luxembourg and is located in Rumelange. It has been active almost without interruption since its creation in …

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