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Audun-le-Tiche and the Umbau Mine

Audun-le-Tiche ©CCPHVA

Located at the northwestern tip of the Moselle, on the border with Luxembourg, Audun-le-Tiche lies in the heart of the valleys carved by the Alzette and its tributaries in the limestone plateau of the Pays-Haut. While its history is closely linked to the iron industry, excavations have unearthed much older vestiges (prehistoric, Gallo-Roman, Merovingian, etc.) dating back several millennia. These historical developments can be retraced at the recently opened Archaeological Museum of Audun-le-Tiche SAHLA.

The town boasts a dense of network of community organisations, as exemplified by the creation, last summer, of the Association des Mines Terres Rouges – AMTR, which aims to preserve and disseminate the city’s mining, migratory and military heritage. The city’s logo represents a walking figure that symbolises the dynamism of its inhabitants, and a crossline that alludes to its status as a (physical and/or cultural) border town.

Cultural venues:
Archaeology Museum
Former swimming pool of Micheville/Espace Jean Moulin
Auditorium Notre-Dame de Lorette
Sociocultural Centre Andrée Toussaint
House of Youth and Culture (MJC) of Audun-le-Tiche

The Umbau Mine will soon open to the public!
The Audun-le-Tiche mine was shut down in 1997. It has since remained closed, its kilometre-long underground galleries hidden from the public eye. Heritage concerns have prompted the creation of a community organisation that aims to rehabilitate part of the mine and make it accessible to the public at large. The development project of the Audun-le-Tiche mine, led by the Communauté de Communes Pays Haut Val d’Alzette, will revolve around activities that are not directly related to mining, so as to allow varied audiences to discover this unique place steeped in history. In a few months, visitors and local residents will be able to enjoy concerts, participate in escape games or dine in the dark. The mine will also house a museum displaying historic artefacts related to its former activity.