Accor at the heart of Esch2022

Hotel Ibis in Esch-Belval ©Accor

Interview with Adriana Migonney, Sales Director Accor Luxembourg

Why did you choose to support Esch2022?

For Accor, Luxembourg is a strategic market with 14 hotels and several brands across the country: Sofitel, Novotel, Novotel Suites, Mercure, Mama Shelter and the Ibis family. For us, it made perfect sense to contribute to a European cultural project like Esch2022. Drawing on the enthusiasm of our teams, we want to strengthen our involvement in the community by attracting more locals to our hotels, many of which also operate restaurants and provide spaces that can be used as venues for both public and private events. Esch2022 is an exciting project, and we are very happy and honoured to be a part of it.

How will you be involved in the project? (Accommodation for artists, reception of the public, etc.)

The project is being rolled out across all of our hotels in Luxembourg, with specific focus on the Belval site. If you take a closer look at the map of events, you’ll notice that the Ibis in Esch-Belval is bound to be the central accommodation for artists as well as guests from abroad that we expect to be welcoming for this major European event. All Accor hotels in Luxembourg will be involved in this project and we will operate a communication scheme across all venues to make sure our foreign customers discover Luxembourg through exceptional places and unique experiences (particularly in Esch-Belval).

How are you involved in Luxembourg’s southern region?

The Accor group operates three Ibis hotels: Ibis and Ibis Budget in Livange, with a total of 196 rooms, and Ibis Esch-Belval, which has 110 rooms, a bar and a restaurant. We are currently the leading hotel investor in this region and we have always been confident about its potential, going back as far as 2011, when we took the decision to launch Ibis Belval with our partner Value State Group.

What role do you think this region will play in terms of tourism and what is Accor’s strategy as part of this development?

I believe the opportunity to host this event will substantially increase our visibility in the southern part of Luxembourg, a region of the country that deserves more attention. At the same time, we know that it is a very dynamic region with ambitious projects for the future, whether it be in terms of business tourism or leisure activities.

What does this project, with its European dimension, mean for you?

Esch2022 represents a great opportunity to collaborate with local teams in promoting the region through culture. People tend to identify Luxembourg as a business destination, but it’s so much more. Esch2022 is the perfect opportunity to promote diverse and varied cultural activities and to invite people from the rest of Europe to get to know us better, especially as we are located in the heart of Europe. I would also like to point out that this project is aimed at international and local audiences alike.

Within the Accor group, we wish to strengthen our ties with local partners, to reach out to the public who should have a great time discovering or rediscovering our beautiful region, and to be more present in local life. More specifically because the region boasts a fantastic mix of nationalities that epitomises the European identity.

Your hotel in the heart of Esch-Belval will be playing a key role, but which other hotels will be in demand in the Esch2022 region?

Ibis Belval is the central pillar of this large-scale project, but it’s not the only one. Indeed, we want to showcase all Accor hotels in Luxembourg by offering a range of different services for all tastes and budgets. We want customers to take advantage of the entire Accor portfolio in Luxembourg throughout 2022.

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