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21 new locations inaugurated as part of Esch2022

In the framework of this title year, new cultural venues, such as the so-called “tiers-lieux culturels”, have been opened or created to provide a richer cultural offer for professionals and the public:


After two years of construction, the Ariston opened its doors in June 2022. This former cinema, located near the theatre in the city centre, serves as a second venue for the Escher Theatre’s programme.

© Patrick Galbats

Adress: 9 Rue Pierre Claude, L-4063 Esch-Alzette
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Konschthal Esch

The Konschthal Esch is a space for contemporary art created in 2021, as a prologue to Esch2022, European Capital of Culture. This new institution, with an international influence, is dedicated to the multitude of forms of contemporary art.

© Emile Hengen

Adress: 29 Bd Prince Henri, L-4280 Esch-Alzette
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With its 7 studio flats and communal spaces, the Bridderhaus is a place for artists. It is also open to the public for exhibitions, performances, conferences and meetings.

© Gilles Kayser

Adress: 1 Rue Léon Metz, L-4238 Esch-Alzette
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Bâtiment 4

Bâtiment 4 is a cultural “tiers-lieu” managed by an independent Collective made up of its occupants and based on the inter-cooperation of associations (Hariko, CELL, ILL, Richtung22, and many others…) and the public.

Adress: 66 Rue de Luxembourg, L-4149 Esch-sur-Alzette
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The Möllerei is a large industrial building originally used to store raw materials (coke and iron ore) before they were fed into the blast furnaces to produce cast iron. With a total length of about 160 meters the Möllerei is a characteristic feature of the former Belval steel plant and local area. Opened to the public in 2018 after extensive transformation work, the North section is now home to the Luxembourg Learning Centre. The South section has recently undergone thorough restoration work. Today it accommodates a 500 square meter exhibition space over 3 floors and connects to Blast Furnace A via a metal footbridge.

© Emile Hengen

Adresse : 3 avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux, L-4361 Esch-Alzette (Belval)
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The FerroForum was created with the aim of preserving and promoting the cultural, industrial and craft heritage as well as the know-how surrounding the creation of iron and steel. It is located in the central workshop of the former Arbed Esch-Schifflange ironworks.

© FerroForum

Adress: Metzeschmelz/Esch-Schifflange – Rue Léon Lamart, L-4335 Esch-sur-Alzette
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The VEWA cultural “tiers-lieu” is a creative space open to experimentation. The building formerly known as the “vestiaire-wagonnage” (cloakroom-wagonnage”) from the time of the iron and steel industry has become a place where artists, craftsmen, and citizens meet around artistic and creative projects in order to give life to this site which will be an integral part of the new NeiSchmelz district.

© Ville de Dudelange

Adress: Site de l’ancien laminoir / Neischmelz4, place Thierry Van Werveke L-3475 Dudelange
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MUAR – Musée vun der Aarbecht

The MUAR – Musée vun der Aarbecht is the first labour museum in Luxembourg. Celebrating the industrial and cultural heritage of our region of the country, the “Minett”, the MUAR allows visitors to discover from different angles and perspectives the vast world of work – past, present and future.

© Black Magic Tea

Adress: 14, Rue Pierre Schiltz L-3786 Tétange (Schungfabrik)
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Pavillon Source Bel-Val

An architectural object and immersive installation, the Bel-Val Spring Pavilion highlights the remarkable history of the Bel-Val spring which emerges from the ground 200 metres below. It is a public square, a place of passage, a pavilion to stop for a moment of rest and contemplation. The artist Laura Mannelli designed the augmented reality work in collaboration with the architects of BeBunch and with the support of AGORA.

© Emile Hengen

Adress: Parc Um Belval, L‑4367 Sanem
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SPEKTRUM (Maison Albert Hames)

SPEKTRUM is a place focused on experimental and immersive process-based cultural and artistic practices and creative tourism. It consists of the listed houses and studio of the Luxembourg sculptor Albert Hames (1910-1989), acquired by the town of Rumelange in 2018. They are undergoing a complete renovation and an impressive structural extension.


Adress: 14-16 Rue de la Bruyere, L-3714 Rumelange
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A former farmhouse converted into a cultural venue in the heart of Differdange.

Adress: 119 Av. Charlotte, L-4531 Differdange
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In addition, these existing venues were used for the first time for large-scale cultural events:

Plancher des coulées
Location: Blast Furnace A, above the Halle des Poches à Fonte, Esch-Belval (L)

© Manuela Roig

Desecrated church of St Barbe de Lasauvage
Location: Lasauvage, Differdange (L)

Desecrated chapel of Ottange
Location: Rue des Ecoles, Ottange (F)

Desecrated church of Belval-Metzerlach
Location: 60 Rue Sigefroi, Sanem (L)


Finally, these sites and places were also inaugurated in the region in 2022:

KulTourhaus I Centre culturel Huncherange
Location: 8 Rue de l’École, 3341 Huncherange (Bettembourg)

Location: 1 Esplanade Nino Rota, Villerupt, France

Minett Trail
Circular trail through the 11 municipalities

Circuit Transfrontalier de l’Acier
Cross-border hiking path

Eleven new accommodations that are part of the circular path through the municipalities

Minett Cycle
Loop cycle tour through the 11 municipalities (Esch2022 project)