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Visiting Novi Sad: At the Novi Sad Jazz Festival, an international Dudelange jazz project will be showcasing what they have been working on over the past few months

jazzXchange ©Opderschmelz

The jazzXchange project is a trilateral music project whose aim is to create a jazz work featuring musicians from different cultural, historical, social and political backgrounds.

Under the direction of Bojan Z., the collective, consisting of 2 musicians from each participating city, will live and work in the three cities of Dudelange (Luxembourg), Novi Sad (Serbia) and Kaunas (Lithuania). This way, the resulting work will be inspired by the roots and particularities of each of these three partner cities, all three of which organise a major annual jazz festival. On the occasion of these festivals, the collective will perform on stage together with students from local music conservatories and present what they have been working on.

In this context, the musicians will spend some time in Novi Sad in November before performing at the Novi Sad Jazz Festival between 16 and 19 November.

In the long term, the jazzXchange project is planning to record and publish the concerts and hopes that the musical groups that have formed as part of this project will continue to exist and develop after the end of the European Capital of Culture, Esch2022 project.

16.11.22 – 19.11.22
Novi Sad Jazz Festival
Serbian National Theatre & Cultural Centre of Novi Sad