Urban Time Travel

Fancy a journey through time? Experience the history of Belval in real-time!
In partnership with the start-up company Urban TimeTravel S.A., Esch2022 is developing a Virtual Reality bus tour that lets locals and tourists experience the eventful history of the Belval area. Thanks to a virtual journey through time, passengers will be able to immerse themselves in the eventful history of the area and discover the municipality of Sanem and the city of Esch-Alzette under a completely new light.
A GPS-tracked vehicle will take participants to various historical locations. Through their VR glasses, they will see the former appearance of the area and witness events that once happened there. The tour starts from the former Source Belval and ends at the blast furnace terrace. Visitors will learn about the origins of the name ‘Belval’, get a first-hand experience of work in the Adolf-Emil foundry and witness the rapid development of the former steelworks. Work on this tourist project is in full swing so that the virtual tour as part of the 2022 Capital of Culture project can be launched on time. Our historian is collecting old building plans and photographs and has started work on the historical timeline. Using this material, the creative minds at Urban TimeTravel S.A. were able to model the first 3D objects for the representation of historical events in virtual reality and to sketch the first protagonists for the ‘storytelling’ of the tour.

We therefore felt it was time to share this great work with you by showing you an initial 3D modelling of the Adolf-Emil foundry.

We will keep you continually updated on the development of the project and look forward to setting out on this journey through time together with you.