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Giele Botter

Get inspired and inspire others!
If you enjoy travelling, discovering and have some great or rather unforgettable memories of Esch2022 or the region and you would like to write about and share with the world – our Travel Stories are exactly what you are looking for – a fresh new way of publication looking for authors and contributions. We want people from the region to tell the world what they love or even travellers to inspire the locals to discover their region. We want to hear your story, but first follow the steps:

  1. Write your story in one of the three languages: DE; FR; ENG
  2. Share your story with us by upload it with the provided template
  3. Accept the General Terms and Conditions
  4. If your story respects the general requirements (see General Terms and Conditions), it will be, if needed, proofread, edited, translated, and published on our blog in one of four categories

Dive into the Esch2022 region and let yourself get inspired by our stories. We’ll accept all kind of travel stories, trips and tricks about travelling, guides, reports, adventures, misfortunes, memories on the road and the region as well as other travel writings you may come up with.

PCheck out the first episode of Susanne Jaspers Travel Story:

On a journey of discovery with Susanne Jaspers: First episode of the author’s travelogue in the Esch2022 region