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Spotlight on Bettembourg – municipality of the month from 22 April to 21 May 2022

The municipality of Bettembourg amazes young and old with literary events, musical evenings, theatre performances and fairytale stories
From 22 April to 21 May 2022 Bettembourg will be municipality of the month in the framework of Esch2022. The 10th edition of the LiteraTour festival, which has been organized by the municipality for several years now, will be particularly colourful in the context of Esch2022, European Capital of Culture. This large-scale literary event, conceived as a genuine ‘tour’ of words, will bring together spoken and written language in various forms and from numerous European countries. The word ‘tour’ (echoing the Tour de France) is here synonymous with freedom of expression and literary exploration extending well beyond the festival period.

Big names and young talents
From 23 April to 9 May, the “Magic Mirror” reading tent, installed in the Castle Park, will welcome the public in a spacious and relaxed atmosphere, to discover a wide variety of literature. The public will be able to meet big names form the book world: Sharon Dodua Otoo, Frank Schätzing, Daniel Kehlmann, Felicitas Hoppe, Raphaela Edelbauer and Geert Mak, to mention but a few.
The final readings in front of the jury and audience of the literary competition for young authors “Prix Laurence” will also take place in this venue.

In April 2021, as part of the Prix Laurence, young people from the Greater Region, the sister European Capital of Culture Kaunas 2022 in Lithuania and from Bettembourg’s partner municipalities, namely Valpaços in Portugal and Flaibano in Italy, were invited to submit their literary creations in seven languages: Luxembourgish, German, French, English, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Italian.
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Great musical evenings enrich the programme, with a selection of concerts for every taste. In addition to the jazz happening “Hidden sessions”, music lovers will be able to hear the experimental duo “SaschaLey & Laurent Payfert” and the “Trio Paradiso”.

In the art gallery „Maggy Stein“, art will meet literature, in the context of the exhibition„LIT meetsART“: Artist Fern’ Rollinger (exhibition “Papiers Collés”) and author Pit Hoerold (book “in alle winde zerstreut”) will exhibit from 23 April to 9 May.

The closing ceremony on 9 May in Bettembourg invites young and old to marvel at the incredible world of words as part of the family festival “A Day with the Luxembourg Book Editors”.
The new cultural centre “KulTourhaus” in Huncherange, which will officially open its doors on 21 April, offers a wide range of concerts and theatre productions. Don’t miss, for example, the police dinner “onHEEMlech” by the “Beetebuerger Theaterfrënn” and the Luxembourg-Portuguese production “Et geet ëm eng gëlle Kou” by the Kaleidoskop Theatre. More information :

Maskénada’s interactive story theatre ‘E roude Fuedem duerch de roude Buedem’ – inspired by Mil Goerens’ ‘Eiser Soen’ – will delight you with the most beautiful tales from the forest with ‘Beetebuerger Bësch’.
As every year, our young audience will also in the spotlight! As part of “Curieuse nature -Droleg Natur”, children and their parents can enjoy live accompaniment of animated films with special instruments!

De Ris geet op d’Rees
Last but not least: the giant from the “Parc Merveilleux” will go on a journey. Discover his adventures in the comic strip by Lucien Czuga (author) and Andy Genen (illustrator). Publication date: 9 May 2022.The complete programme at

The attractiveness of the territory – Welcome to Bettembourg
In the centre of the south of the Grand Duchy lies Bettemburg, a municipality with a wide range of leisure and cultural activities, particularly attractive to families. The municipality enchants visitors and residents with its nature reserves, thus contributing to the preservation of a valuable natural heritage. Circumstances that have a positive impact on the quality of life of the residents and thus create an attractive living space.

Bettembourg enjoys a popularity that extends far beyond the country’s borders thanks to the “Parc Merveilleux”, the most popular leisure activity for children in the Grand Duchy. The only zoo in Luxembourg, the park is home to almost 200 animals from all five continents.

In addition, there are attractions such as the Nuit des Merveilles, the Circuit Auto-Pédestre Abweiler, the Château de Bettembourg… Visitors can find detailed information about the region in the “Guide Zoom Minett”. Published by the European Capital of Culture Esch2022, this guide presents around 60 destinations: from classics such as the Parc Merveilleux de Bettembourg or the relics of the industrial age with their rugged charm to some well-hidden secrets with their many anecdotes and views.

New cycling and walking routes. Esch2022 is working with the Office Régional du Tourisme Sud (ORT Sud) to complete the “Minett Cycle” project, a new cycle tourism route (200 km) that invites visitors on a journey through the nature reserves, industrial history and cultural features of each community. In addition, there is the “Minett Trail”. This 90-kilometre trail, initiated by ORT Sud with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, connects the highlights of the south.