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Sponsorship and fundraising training – Business For Culture Club

Through the Business for Culture Club (BFCC), Esch2022 has set itself the task of supporting the cultural sector in the implementation of its projects and developing training programmes beyond 2022.

Indeed, the objective is to train the actors of the cultural sector in sponsorship and patronage.

The establishment of this mentoring structure will help optimise fundraising and provide the keys to better communicate and effectively target companies that can support cultural projects.

We organised a series of 3 workshops for project leaders wishing to present their project to potential sponsors. These workshops were given by Anne-Catherine Richard, Head of Partnerships, Esch2022.

Here are some testimonials from the first session:

“I really appreciated this training, it was useful and allowed me to understand the steps necessary to seek sponsorship in the field of culture.”
Clara Schneider of Nihilo Nihil Theatre

“This training was really useful because it allowed me to learn new methods of approach which will allow me in the future to improve my requests for sponsorship.”
DJAMEN Jules Césa, Altercadance

Next date to remember:

16 March 2023
Conference: Cultural sponsorship in the Greater Region, what are the solutions?
At the Cercle Cité in Luxembourg, at 6:30pm

Next training cycle in April.

More information: